Not-so-endless summer

As far as I’m concerned, today, Labour Day, is the last day of summer. In these parts, school starts tomorrow, so back to work I go. It’ll be nice to get a salary again, since the old bank account is getting a little lower than I’m comfortable with – okay, I’m lying. It’s a LOT lower than I’m comfortable with. I NEED to make some money again.

The weather is being totally cooperative in terms of the last day of summer vacation, as well: it’s absolutely pouring rain out. It’s just teeming down, like it normally does in November. It’s awful out there.

And it’s bloody cold.

When I went to bed last night, I shivered for a very long time. But I refused to shut my bedroom window. I refused to put on warmer jammies. I refused to throw an extra blanket on the bed. I just lay there and lamented how damn cold it was until I finally fell asleep – about three near-Arctic hours after I actually turned in for the night. Sensible, hey?

Then this morning, it was still cold. I eventually gave in and shut the patio door. I had to – it was less than 20 degrees C in the house. But I wouldn’t turn on the furnace, oh no. Tomorrow, fine, I might turn it on. But not today. Today it’s still the last day of summer.

Then there’s my feet. I must have the chilliest feet on the planet. PG certainly thinks so. It usually doesn’t matter what the actual temperature is, my feet are frequently freezing. In fact, when I was a kid, I thought it was perfectly normal to have cold and clammy feet. That was my default state. Who needs feeling in their feet? I didn’t know the difference, really. And it almost never occurred to me to put on socks. It still doesn’t. I have this weird mental block about it, I think.

But this morning was tough. So I donned socks for the first time in months. On the last day of my summer.


Happy end-of-summer. Tomorrow it’s back to autumn. And work. And regular money coming in.


10 responses to “Not-so-endless summer

  1. I wear socks all the time because I’ve got Reynaud’s too. My feet are like like blocks of ice otherwise. And if my hands get cold, they turn blue and look like they belong to a corpse. Good times…

    It’s started to turn cool here too and it’s been raining more often than I’d like. We just got back from a trip to the alpine mountains in Italy though, so the temperatures here seem much warmer now (in the 15 – 20 C range). It got down to about 2 C at night in the mountains…and we were in a tent…brrrr!

    • Kimberly – You were just in Italy? Very nice! I’m sure that was a wonderful trip, despite the tent and chilly temps. Yeah, I think I could put up with a tent and being a bit cold if I was in Italy…

  2. “Then there’s my feet. I must have the chilliest feet on the planet.”

    If you have the coldest feet, then I have the coldest hands! Seriously no matter how hot it is, my hands are always freezing!
    We must have circulation problems or something.

    • Pauline – Definitely circulation problems. I actually have something called Reynaud’s Syndrome, which is a circulatory issue mostly in my hands, as well. If my hands get a bit chilled, the blood actually drains out of a few fingers (there’s a clear line: pink skin, white skin. It looks weird.), and those fingers are numb. About the only thing I can do at that point is to run hot water over them – or wait and wait and wait till they warm up on their own. It doesn’t happen too often, but it’s quite annoying when it does. Are your hands that bad?

  3. I wussed out and turned the furnace on, and I found the chill hateful. Meanwhile, dear Miss Pink, may you have a wonderful school year. I think your students are very lucky to have you.

  4. I don’t care how frigid it is, I don’t turn the heat on until the end of September. Fall starts on Sept. 21 – until then it’s summer damnit – doesn’t matter how cold I am.

    • Jazz – Yeah, but aren’t you supposed to be getting another heat wave in Montréal by the end of the week? You won’t need your heat on. Out here, I think rain and cooler temps are predicted till – oh, probably forever. I may not ever take my socks off again.

  5. I started wearing socks too, but I still have the windows open and I refuse to turn on the heater.