Fit or foe

DD has been on her low-carb diet for several weeks now. She has been absolutely vigilant about what she will and will not eat. She has not lapsed once – except for that drinking binge that one weekend. (Hey, she’s 23 and she wasn’t driving, so who cares?)

She has not lost a single pound. Or a kilo. Or even an ounce or a gramme. Nothing. Nada.

She is not happy about that.

However, she has lost many inches. And many centimetres. It’s very noticeable that she has trimmed down quite a lot. Her clothes are fitting much more loosely. She is now hitching up her belts on a different hole. She is doing up her bra on the innermost hook. She is looking forward to buying new, smaller clothes this fall.

She is very happy about that.

She continues her thrice-weekly workouts at the gym and has signed up for a core strength class at her college next week. She is feeling healthy and pretty good about her success.

So, yay DD! I’m so proud of you, bébé!

What? Oh – me? How is my own fitness regime going?

Well, I still can’t quite do an effing man push-up. I simply can’t believe that all that drinking in Vegas last week didn’t help. I was so sure it would.


10 responses to “Fit or foe

  1. I couldn’t do a push up if you paid me a lot of money to. And I don’t have a fitness regime, except for riding my bike everywhere I go. Or walking. I’m just a middle aged woman with the equivalent body and I find some solace in it. It’s okay, you know?

    • Nora – I think that’s the sane idea, for sure. It’s just so hard to actually think like that! There’s so much media pressure on women to look (and act) a certain way. It’s difficult to ignore it all, but the older I get, the closer I approach that ideal mind set.

  2. What Cynthia said. Muscle weighs 3 times more than fat so if she’s working out, she’s putting on muscle so, no, she won’t lose any weight per se but she’s losing inches so it’s obviously working for her. good for her!

    • Mrs Jones – I can see that it’s working for her, just not the way she’d anticipated. Still, she’s feeling wonderful and looking better and better, so that has to be good, doesn’t it? I’m just so impressed with how resolutely she’s sticking to the diet!

  3. Some years ago I did 3 x a week gym sessions, aerobic, cardio and weights, everything — for 4-5 years. After about 5-6 months I started feeling fantastic. All in all, my weight shifted in bits, up and down. What happens is you lose fat and gain muscle, which weighs more. So I actually gained 5-6 lbs overall and lost TWO clothing sizes. I’d take that any day over some number of pounds lost. Since stopping, I’ve lost a little weight and gone back up a size. Lose fat, gain muscle. Forget weight!

    • Cynthia – I think DD is a bit disappointed that she hasn’t actually lost any weight, because everything she’d read and everyone she’d spoken to raved about how quickly the weight dropped off on this low-carb diet. I suppose that’s only for people who aren’t working out regularly, though. I agree: lose fat, gain muscle, forget weight!

  4. Damn. You mean the booze doesn’t help?

    So much for my fitness regime.

  5. I was just heading out to the gym when I saw that you had a new post….
    Great for DD. She is an inspiration. I have fallen off the workout sessions and the diet was shot to hell long ago. BUT, I have not gained any weight back!! I’ve been back with my personal trainer 3 times now and the last time I did some form of push up with no agonizing pain for two days afterwards.

    • VioletSky – Well, it seems to me that if you can keep the weight off without exercise or diet, that’s a good thing! A GREAT thing! Keep up the good work!