Driving Ms Pinklea

Two days ago, I got a phone call from the dealership at which I bought my car. They sent me a letter recently too, suggesting that my car “may be due for service”.

I actually do not drive a whole lot. I do drive to and from work, of course, but having the career I have, that has not happened since June 30th and will not resume until September 7th. I also drive to and from Porsche Guy’s home, usually at weekends, but he often comes to my place (such as when he doesn’t have water), so that is a bit sporadic. Where I live, I can walk to just about any service I require, and I do. Walking is part of my fitness routine, so I try to do it most days, particularly those days when I’m not working out at the gym.

The dealership’s suggestion that my car “may be due for service” is based upon the average number of kilometres that the average driver drives in a year. PG tells me, and Wikipedia confirms, that this is approximately 16,000 kilometres. (Actually, PG said 20,000 km, but that’s pretty close. Besides, the Wikipedia number is based upon a 2004 study in Canada, so maybe we’re driving more in 2010. I don’t know.)

My car, my precious BMW 135i, is a 2009 model. I have had her since October 2008, which is almost two years. Theoretically, then, I should have about 32,000 km on her.

I have only 22,000 km. I guess this means that I am a “below average” driver – in klicks driven only, thank you very much. I’m reasonably competent elsewhere in my driving – notwithstanding that teeny little accident where I totalled the car a few years ago. But let’s not talk about that, shall we?

Let’s talk instead about why the dealership actually phoned me. It seems that my car is being recalled. Yes, a so-called “luxury” vehicle such as a BMW is being recalled. It seems that there are some safety issues with the seatbelt assembly, as well as something that needs repairing in the taillight seals. There may be something else, too, but I wasn’t really listening to the woman from the dealership as she was explaining it all to me – I was too busy stifling my laughter. I mean, really, how absurd! A BMW recall?! Whatever happened to good old German engineering? Maybe they took a page out of the American manufacturers’ playbook?

Anyway, I duly made the service appointment for next Tuesday, after being assured that there will be a loaner car for me. Not that I think I will need it, other than to go home and then back to pick up my car the next day. Oh yes, they will need my car for a whole day, because computers will need to be reset, I was told. I wonder how long it actually takes to push the few buttons to do that? Maybe the car’s computers are not Apples but PCs, in which case, it might take a really long time. Who knows? Not me: I have an Apple laptop.

Then yesterday, I actually needed to take my car to go somewhere that was too far to walk. I got in, started her up, and there on the dashboard display I saw the word “SERVICE”. I checked my manual: that means that the car now requires some servicing, based upon the type of driving I do and the number of klicks that I have driven. I checked further to determine exactly what kind of service she needed, and I think it might be an oil change and an overall checkup.

Good thing she’s already going in to the dealership next Tuesday. They may need to keep her for longer. That oil change may take days.


10 responses to “Driving Ms Pinklea

  1. Well then, I apologize on behalf of my countrymen for screwing up your car. I hope you two don’t have to be apart for too long.

    • XUP – The dealership just called me and said that they’d have to keep her overnight … but they did give me a brand new 328i as a loaner, so I suppose I’ll manage somehow.

  2. I don’t think they actually manufacture BMWs in Germany anymore do they? But still, how crazy about the recall.

    • XUP – As far as I know, most BMWs are still manufactured in Germany. They’ve also been assembled in South Africa since 1968, and a few other countries more recently. A few models come from the USA, mainly the X5, which, surprise of surprises, is BMW’s SUV model. My little 135i came from Germany. I know this for a true fact because I checked her VIN, and the first character is W. W=Germany as the country of manufacture, according to a VIN-decoding site I found.

  3. Pshaw on the recall. I want your car. That is my fetish, almost sexual fantasy car. I mean, I love my sporty little NX2000 and it continues to charm me. But your car, darling. It so works for me.

    • mrwriteon – I fell in love with the BMW 2002 way back in the late 1970s/ early 1980s and swore to myself then that I would someday own a BMW. So this is kinda my fantasy car, too. Not sure about the sexual fetish part though – and I’m not sure I’d tell anyone if it was!

  4. Violetsky is right. Drive up to see Ian.

    • Jazz – I doubt I’d have time to go anywhere exotic like up Ian’s way. I’ll only have the loaner overnight. But if it’s, say a 5 series BMW or even a Mini Cooper S, I might rethink things …

  5. I thought the same thing when the first Toyota recall happened. Now, finally, after running out of models, my car is on the recall list.

    I would take advantage of the loaner and go on a nice long drive somewhere.

    • VioletSky – I guess recalls are just a fact of life now. I wonder what kind of loaner I’ll get this time, too. Last time it was a HUGE Dodge Challenger (they’d run out of loaner BMWs that day) that barely squeaked into my garage. It was too big for me to really enjoy driving it.