WTF, WordPress?!

Today I opened up Google Reader to check on my favourite blogs, as I do most days. I read a few recent posts without commenting, then I decided that I wanted to comment on fellow BC resident Ian’s blog, And I still think so. To do so, I had to exit Google Reader and go directly to his actual blog. Once there, I thought that things didn’t look quite the same.

“Hmm,” thought I, ever the observant one. “Ian has made some changes.”

There was now a tagline underneath the blog’s main title, and the type seemed slightly different, particularly the title of the post. The spacing seemed a bit wider all over, too. Instead of simply the date underneath the post’s title, it now said “Posted on” followed by the date. There was no more heading to specify how many comments had been made either. The tags and categories at the end of the post were listed differently. And were all the things in his sidebar the same? I couldn’t quite remember.

Well, maybe Ian has changed his blog template, I decided. So I made my comment, and returned to Google Reader to continue my reading.

But those changes popped back into my head when I got to Katyboo’s Weblog. She too now had a tagline underneath the main title, and every other change that I had noticed on Ian’s blog was present on hers, too. How odd that they had both changed their blog templates at the same time. Very odd.

And even odder is the fact that they have the same blog template in the first place.

And the only reason I even know that, being ever the observant one, as I said, is that I have the same blog template as Ian and Katy.

When all this dawned on me, I wondered what my own blog actually looked like out of Google Reader and the WordPress dashboard. So I quickly typed in my URL and lo! Mine exhibited the very same differences, plus most of my sidebar stuff was now missing entirely!

The three of us originally had a template called “Cutline”. Now it’s “Coraline” – which was a fun little 2009 movie, but was not the template I selected when I started this blogging stuff. Nor have I personally changed my template (I don’t know if Ian and Katy have, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they have not). Apparently WordPress has, in its infinite wisdom, decided on its own to “update” the blog template that I was using, without telling me. And without putting everything back where it was in the first place.

That is not cool, WordPress. I am not happy with you. I had to spend about an hour this afternoon putting everything back in the sidebar, and I suppose I should thank you for not trashing all that stuff (especially my awards!) so that I could find it all and put it back. (I don’t quite remember if I put it all back in the same order, so I may have to play with it a bit more, but it’s close enough for now.)

I don’t know why you did this, WordPress, and I don’t even know when. I just noticed it today. But you better not do it again! I might have to defect to Blogger if you do – and you don’t want that, do you?!


7 responses to “WTF, WordPress?!

  1. Now, love, with Mom being Mom, you know she always picked favorites. It depended on who was least bad at any given moment. Otherwise, thank you for your research and it explains a lot. it still sucks, however, and the lack of notification and loss of certain advantages is particularly galling. Now, I notice you have your awards all back and posted. Being the techno putz that I am, I have no idea how to do that. I would really appreciate your help in this regard, and if you can, I’ll just give you something really, really nice in return. Rather than belabor it here, why not send it to my email

  2. I still think you should defect to Blogger. It has an easier comment system.

    • Nora – You’re absolutely right: WP’s comment system is dumb and rather unwieldy. I’ve heard that Blogger’s is much more user-friendly, but there are other issues with Blogger that I know of. I guess nothing is perfect, is it?

  3. Well, lovely Miss Pink who dropped my name and my blog, I am like Jazz (BTW you she and I must be triplets because she’s my soul-sista). Blogger fucked me around, too, so I went to WP. And now, WP has deemed it their right to piss around with our blog layouts, which is arrogant as hell, to say the least. I’ll be interested to learn if you get any response, and thank you for taking up the gauntlet. I knew instinctively you were a good person, and now I know you are yet another beautiful sister. I’m a lucky boy to have such siblings.

    • mrwriteon – I have now done some research in the virtual basement microfiche archives of WP, and it turns out that our old theme Cutline was originally free and widely shared. From what I gather, its parent company was sold and now you need to pay to use one of its themes. WP felt that although we could still use Cutline for free, having it available amounted to free advertising for Cutline’s new parent company and it was felt that this wasn’t right or fair. So, WP developed its own similar version, Coraline, and foisted it upon us with something like four days notice. People are mighty pissed about this, let me tell you! Coraline does have some improvements over Cutline, but there seem to be an equal number of negatives (like the disappearing widget problem I encountered), with which WP is trying very hard to help bloggers. By far the biggest complaint is the lack of notice of the discontinuation of Cutline and its replacement by Coraline, and from what I read, no one at WP is commenting on this or taking responsibility for it. I’m sure this is a saga that will continue on for a while.
      And triplets, huh? So who did Mom like best?

  4. Oh god, it’s my fault. Blogger kept fucking with me so I defected to WordPress, now WP is doing it to people. It’s only a matter of time before all hell breaks loose!

    • Jazz – The Blogger issues that recently forced you to WordPress DID occur to me, yes. I actually did wonder if this is karmic payback for that, seeing as how it’s been reasonably well-established that we are practically twins-separated-at-birth. Do you think this accounts for global warming, too?