DD is on the warpath. She is not happy with her weight. She has now brought out the heavy artillery.

She is now very determinedly eating lowcarb.

I don’t even know what that means. I think it’s a whole whack of protein, some approved fruits and vegetables, and very, very little cereals, grains, or milk. I think it’s a version of what used to be called the Atkins diet. As far as I remember, people who followed that diet dropped the kilos very quickly, but they tended to put it back on because the diet was fairly restrictive and people just couldn’t stay on it long-term.

I have had a number of conversations with DD about this. I told her that I worry about her cutting out some rather important components of good nutrition, according to the Canada Food Guide. She scoffed that the Canada Food Guide was obviously wrong. I countered with the fact that “carbs” isn’t even an official food group. She threw a bunch of facts and figures and website URLs at me, all designed to bolster her position that this diet not only works, but it’s healthy and harmless to the human body in the long term.

It was a Mexican standoff, basically.

I changed my tactics.

“But I don’t know what to cook for dinners any more,” I whined. I am good at whining.

“Would you like me to get you a lowcarb cookbook?” she offered. “Would that help?”

I looked blankly at her.

“A cookbook? For me?” I said slowly. “Why would I want a lowcarb cookbook when I am not the person who is following the lowcarb diet?”


DD is a smart girl. I think she got my point.


14 responses to “Carb-less

  1. I agree with Mrs. Jones. The reason eating less carbs helps you lose weight is because of the high GI of carbs. But not all carbs have a high GI. Bread is okay if it’s sourdough and pasta is fine if it’s whole wheat. Potatoes are never fine, but sweet potatoes for some reason are. Also cut out sugar — basically you’re eating like a diabetic.

    • XUP – DD hasn’t said anything about whole wheat pasta or sourdough bread being okay on her diet, and I know she likes those foods. Could it be that she hasn’t come across any info on low GI diets? Methinks we shall have a small chat this evening …

  2. Short term I am sure it does no harm, apart from the constipation and being a bit smelly! She will probably be fine. Jason did it and lost lots of weight in short order, so if that’s what she’s looking for it definitely works. He has put it all back on now, but it did take about two years of my cakes, and I make a lot of cakes. So hopefully she will be able to keep trim after the initial foray.x

  3. I’ve read lots of research showing that the low carb diet doesn’t do harm, on the other hand, there is also long term research that shows it does not actually help people lose more weight than if they would just reduce calories & exercise. If she just wants to immediately lose weight she should do the low carb thing, because it is quick. However, for long term weight maintenance she really needs to adjust her eating habits (for life) and start on an exercise plan that she can maintain. Exercise has the added benefit of building up your muscle mass, so you’ll burn more calories all the time too.

    Woot, got a chance to use my Master’s in exercise physiology today! LOL

    • Kimberly – I think the thing with DD is that she lost a bunch of weight (as did I) a few years ago with Weightwatchers and a regular walking program, but then she stalled and couldn’t seem to lose more. We upped our exercise by adding workouts at the gym three times a week and although she has lost a bit more (pounds and inches) since then, it’s not quick enough for her. (You know, the young – they just have no patience!) So she’s hoping that she’ll drop what she wants relatively quickly, as well as develop even healthier eating habits. Then she plans to gradually reintroduce the foods she had eliminated, but in smaller quantities so she can keep the weight off long term. That all sounds okay, doesn’t it? (Also- glad I could help you actually use your education! πŸ˜‰ )

  4. I did the Atkins diet a long time ago and did lose weight. I went back to eating carbs, but managed then to keep the weight off. You have to eat everything in moderation, that’s the whole secret, including carbs, but the Atkins diet is great for losing weight quickly. I wouldn’t worry about her being on it for now. It will be okay for a limited amount of time. Just long enough for her to lose the extra weight, which I’m sure is not much.

    • Nora – DD has reassured me that she plans to go back to eating some bread and cereal once she loses a bunch of weight (no indication yet as to exactly how much weight she’d like to drop). So I’m feeling much more positive that this diet will be okay for her.

  5. Well, Miss Pink, if it’s any consolation to DD I did the Atkins Diet (a modified version) about 8 years ago. I knocked off about 30 pounds (I mean, I was still rivetingly handsome, just a bit portly) and I have honestly kept it all off. I just follow regular eating patterns now and they seem to keep me relatively trim. So tell her that the key is, after the initial loss, is just to moderate. Christ, I sound like I’m working for Atkins. Oh, and something else about it, she will be guaranteed to die of boredom.

    • mrwriteon – So it eventually comes down to moderation, then, like every other diet? Well, when you can initially lose impressive amounts of weight relatively painlessly, as you did, I suppose it’s as good a way as any to jumpstart the process. Oh, and “still rivetingly handsome, just a bit portly” made me giggle – not because I don’t believe you, no no, I just found it funny! πŸ™‚

  6. I did it for a while – it certainly works (I lost weight and had loads of energy) but makes you constipated and gives you bad breath. You also end up craving carbs and sugar like nobody’s business. Following a low GI diet is a better balance as you don’t cut out carbs altogether.

    • Mrs Jones – Yes, I’ve heard about the constipated bit. ( I wonder if DD has??) I also think that human nature being what it is, it’s inevitable that you crave the foods you “can’t” have, so I think it is better if you simply cut down on all foods rather than eliminate some food groups altogether. However, there are apparently no long-term ill effects from such a diet, so I suppose if it works for her, who am I to be so negative?

  7. Good luck to her with that…

    • Jazz – She’s pretty enthusiastic about it at the moment, but ever the pessimist, I’m already wondering how long she can keep it up!