Aaaaand – they’re off!

By the time you read this, DD and I will be on a plane, winging our merry way to Egypt on the first of nine flights total during the next two weeks. I will be drugged to the gills and plugged into my iPod and generally not good for much idle conversation. DD will be in a similar state, though likely less drugged than I will be, as her sinuses aren’t quite as bad as mine are when flying – yet.

We will be in the zone. The Travel Zone. Where we are focused and in a state of constant vigilance – because you never know what will happen. Whatever it is, we must be ready for action at all times.

We must also bring as much stuff in our purses as we can, just in case our luggage doesn’t make it to Cairo with us. These things do happen, you know. And they happen to us. Twice on last year’s trip to Greece and Istanbul. So we now have quite large purses for the express purpose of carrying on the stuff that we now know we cannot do without.

Anyway, see you in a couple of weeks!

(No wild parties while I’m gone! Trust me: I’ll know if you do! I’m kind of clairvoyant that way.)


One response to “Aaaaand – they’re off!

  1. “Have a great time”, she says while calling up people to have a wild party with in Pink’s house while she’s gone…