Another escape

I was walking down the hallway at work this morning, minding my own business, on my way to photocopy a report I’d just completed. I was carrying the one-page report and my coffee cup, planning to stop in at the staffroom for a coffee on my way back to my office.

Suddenly my bra basically let go. Yes.

I was wearing a bra that closes at the front with magnets. When I’d purchased it, even though it fit me beautifully, I was dubious because of those magnets. I questioned the salesclerk if she’d heard anything about them coming apart at – um – inopportune moments. She assured me that she hadn’t, and demonstrated how strong they were by dragging a clothing rack across the floor with one of the magnets. I thought that was a solid demonstration, so I bought the bra.

To be fair, until today, I had had absolutely no issues with the magnets at all. In fact, it’s really not that easy to detach them: you need to do a little twist as you pull with both hands.

So what the hell happened today?!

I quickly turned around and hustled back to my office, trying unobtrusively to hold the girls in, because of course I was wearing a thin t-shirt. Once there, I hid in the back corner, behind the big cupboard, and pulled up the t-shirt to reattach the magnets.

Only, the two magnets were still stuck to one another. What had happened was that the fabric loop to which one of the magnets was attached had frayed completely away, freeing the magnet from that side of the bra.

Fortunately, I had a tiny sewing kit in my bag. I think I’ve been carrying it around for twenty years, but today I actually got to use it. I closeted myself in one of the bathroom stalls and performed the repair, sewing the one magnet back in its place so that my bra would stay properly closed. It took longer than I had anticipated, but I got the job done, and emerged triumphantly, ready to take on the world yet again.

The thing is, though, this is the second incident this week of my girls trying to fly free.

Do you think maybe that I’m going through a late growth spurt?


8 responses to “Another escape

  1. How utterly charming, and maybe Jazz is right. You know if I’d been there I’d have offered any help I could have.

  2. Maybe the girls just have to be free!

  3. Or maybe just shirts without buttons and bras without complicated magnets.

  4. All these wardrobe malfunctions, I think, mean the universe is telling you that you need a wardrobe overhaul – a whole new style and look. Maybe the mummus are the way to go. Think of the freedom!

  5. There’s nothing worse than your bra breaking in public. And why does it always happen when you’re wearing something thin, like a t-shirt? Never when you’re wearing a big, thick sweater.

    I think that you obviously should be taking the girls on a trip to a nude beach instead of Egypt; they obviously want to run free. LOL

    • Kimberly – That may very well be the message that they’re trying to send me! And ironically, Vancouver has a rather famous nude beach called Wreck Beach and I’ve never in my life been there. Is it now time??

  6. Good Lord, woman, get yourself one of those big caftans or muumuus. I hear the 80s are coming back anyway.

    • VioletSky – I know! It’s rapidly getting to the point where drastic measures are necessary. If I have a third incident, that’s it, muumuus all the way! (You don’t have to wear a bra under those, do you?)