Remember passing notes in school? Kids still do that – but only when they don’t have the laptops in front of them and their cellphones have been confiscated by their teacher.

Here’s a note that was passed between two ten-year-old girls at school today (with the spelling and punctuation corrected for legibility):

Girl #1 – Hey.

Girl #2 – Hey.

Girl #1 – What’s new?

Girl #2 – Not much.

Girl #1 – Me either. Hey, I’m sorry about this morning. I was really being a bitch.

Girl #2 – Yeah, you were.

Girl #1 – Well, I’m sorry.

Girl #2 – Well, I really don’t give a rat’s ass.

* * * * *

Oh. Okay. Life was so simple when you were ten years old, wasn’t it?


8 responses to “Noted

  1. Maybe they ride the bus. It was a hot bed of cussing when I was in school. It is where I picked up all the good curse words & some nice hand gestures too.

    • VioletSky – I’m not sure if they CAN read sometimes, to be quite honest with you!

      mrwriteon – Yeah, we would never, ever have scratched any words like those onto our pieces of bark when we were in school, would we?

      Pauline – Of course. They were best buds about two seconds later!

      Kimberly – No bus for these pampered pets, oh no. They are driven to school by mummy or daddy even though they probably only live half a block away. So I would suppose the language comes from mummy and daddy. That would be logical, no?
      Thanks for visiting, BTW!

  2. Girls and their drama eh? I hope they’ve patched things up since then.

  3. I can only say I agree with all the comments made, including yours. You know, back when I was in school — me, Christ and Buddha — using words like ‘bitch’ in a note would warrant the strap. Ah, those were the days.

  4. ah, so they weren’t reading my blog, then?!

  5. I would love to have seen the original spellings and punctuation. If you’re going to use big people language, you should know how to write like big people.

    • VioletSky – Well, there have been a number of rodent sightings in my school this year …

      XUP – Believe me, they can all spell words like “bitch” and “ass” correctly. It’s words like “your/ you’re” and “there/ their/ they’re” that they somehow can’t manage.

  6. Really. Where do they pick up language like that??
    ‘Rat’s ass’, my ass.