Tape me up, Scotchy

I couldn’t find my Scotch tape a while ago. I knew I’d just had it out not too long before that, but I obviously hadn’t put it back in my desk drawer, because it wasn’t there when I went for it the next time I needed it.

I finally found it. I had to take a photo of where I found it, though, because it’s just so bizarre.

The tape is sitting on top of a picture on the wall in my living room. To the right is one of my living room windows, which has a drapey, scarfy thingy over the curtain rod – because I am just that much of a bohemian interior decorator. When I was spending way too long arranging the drapey, scarfy thingy just so, there was an end that just wouldn’t stay tucked out of sight. So, enterprising woman that I am, I taped it in place. I did all this balancing precariously on sofa tables and the top of a small sofa, which might explain why I had the tape on the picture frame.

What … you mean you don’t climb all over your furniture to tape things in place over your windows? Really? Seriously??

Well okay then, but at least I found my tape again.


11 responses to “Tape me up, Scotchy

  1. Sellotape is abrand name too, but it does come from cellophane tape. They changed the C to an S for… I don’t know what reason?! The generic name is “clear adhesive tape” I think. No wonder people prefer to call it Scotch tape/ Sellotape. Much quicker!

  2. For whatever reason, I find that photo extremely amusing.

    • XUP – And the stupid part is that I already have blinds at the window and I don’t actually need that drapey, scarfy thing. I just thought it would finish the window off elegantly and look nice. Ha! Maybe in someone else’s living room!

      mrwriteon – Glad to provide your chuckle of the day!

  3. Wow – taping curtains! That’s way too much attention to detail for me. I just leave them saggy and untucked. In fact, if I don’t absolutely need curtains I don’t even bother with them at all. Also, I wonder if they spell “Sellotape” with an “s” because to leave it with a “c” would look like something to fix a musical instrument?

  4. Oh, it’s sellotape! I’ve always wondered what scotch tape is…

    • bevchen – “Scotch” is actually a brand name of tape, and somehow we Canadians (and Americans too, I think) have come to use the word generically to refer to all brands of that type of transparent tape. Sort of like you say “hoover” for all brands of vacuum cleaners, when really, it’s just one manufacturer of that appliance. “Sellotape” actually makes more sense, now that I think about it, since it’s like “cellophane tape” – or does it refer to a brand name in the UK??

  5. I was too cheap (or lazy?) to buy velcro, so stuck the curtain to the bathroom sink (to hide the cat box) with double sided tape. The tape is still in the medicine cabinet – I am afraid if I move it, I’ll never find it again.

    • VioletSky – Well, if you ever do move that tape again and consequently can’t find it, I suggest you that you check the tops of all your picture frames.

  6. Nora – I have also used safety pins in place of proper curtain hooks, staples instead of stitching the fallen hem of a skirt, nail clippers to trim my fringe …

    Pauline – There were two reasons why I didn’t use duct tape: the scarfy, drapey thing is white so duct tape would have shown through, and I didn’t have any!

  7. Red Green would be proud! (Although he would have used duct tape. ;))

  8. That’s great! I do Mickey Mouse jobs like that.