WWWW, the post-Olympic edition™

This past weekend was the 2010 version of the Wild Wimmin’s Whistler Weekend. Last year, I thought it was our eighth, but apparently I can’t count and it was actually our ninth. This year I was informed that it was our tenth anniversary. That seems vaguely appropriate, since it is the year twenty ten, after all.

As usual, a great time was had by all. In fact, such a great time was had by all that some of us are surely in detox today! We drank oceans of alcohol, ate constantly, didn’t sleep nearly enough, talked and gossiped non-stop, took stupid photos, laughed our faces off, even cried a little.

And we drank. To excess. Probably. It’s hard to remember.

In between all that, there was some walking down the hill to the main village from our rented townhouse, some shopping, some lunching in restaurants, some watching of the film “Sex and the City 2” (rather appropriate for a girls’ weekend, no?), some playing of board games, some hot tubbing. There was even some talk of trying the zipline, but the weather was a little damp and drizzly and not exactly conducive to that particular activity.

And did I mention the drinking?

We also very much missed those wimmin of our usual group who weren’t with us this year for various reasons. I really hope that they’ll all be able to join us next year, because the more the merrier!

Besides, I think we could use a couple new drink recipes.


6 responses to “WWWW, the post-Olympic edition™

  1. Women behaving badly — what could be more fun?

    • Nora – I’m not good at drinking either, and I’ve been known to get very, very sick from only three or four glasses of white wine. I think I have some weird allergy to something in white wine, so I mostly stick to red. Not that anyone actually believes that story …

      mrwriteon – What’s more fun is when a smaller group of us hits the Kingfisher Spa in your neighbourhood for a spa weekend every couple of years. I’m sure you can hear us from your house!

  2. It sounds great, except for the drinking. I’m not very good at that. I’m afraid I get very drunk.

  3. I love love love girl’s weekends. I’ve been missing having them – on moratorium right now as we can’t get enough girls together due to economic issues – looking forward to a return of them next year (or the next?)

    • XUP – Maybe I would if I had an entrepreneurial spirit. But unfortunately, I’m more into the safety, sick benefits and indexed pension of being employed by the provincial government.

      wenderina – I understand that: I also used to have a destination spa weekend with another group of women, and like you, we haven’t done it for a couple of years because the cost was just going up, up, up. Our WWWW is much cheaper, and that may be a big reason why we’ve kept it up for ten years already.

  4. I need one of those weekends. Are you thinking of opening franchises in other regions maybe?