I wish I may, I wish I might …

Pauline made me this otter. I asked and she created. She’s quite the artist, and I am in awe of her talent. I cannot imagine drawing or painting or sculpting or whatevering a real thing and have it look – uh, real.

I wish I could. I think it would be so wonderful to have artistic talent. I can just imagine myself, showing my incredibly detailed and accurate drawings to a group of adoring friends, all of whom swoon at the sheer beauty of them. Or maybe they wouldn’t swoon, they’d just exclaim excitedly at my obvious giftedness, and I’d just blush and look down modestly, murmuring, “Oh, it’s nothing – just a few lines I scribbled while I was watching TV…”

I’d also love to be a musician. Oh, I can read music (years of accordion lessons as a child, then piano lessons as an adult) and I can sing mostly in tune, but I’m not gifted by any stretch of the imagination. I could never just pick up an instrument and play something that sounded even okay – although in high school, I once picked up my friend Ben’s saxophone and actually got an interesting noise out of it. It must be an incredible feeling to write music, too, to invent a series of musical notes that had never before existed in that particular sequence or rhythm. And if that music was recorded and became famous!? What a rush that would be!

It would be very cool to be a dancer, too. Any kind of dancer, really, though I think classical ballet is probably my favourite. I did ballet lessons when I was in my early twenties, and discovered that my body was completely wrong for ballet. Completely. I was too short, not flexible enough, too curvy (especially my back), and worst of all, I had a fringe. Real dancers always have long straight hair that they can scrape back, whereas my bangs just hung down my forehead. I could tie the rest of it back, but not that fringe. So there went the ballet career. But it would still be so nice to be able to leap and turn and make my body do all those amazing movements that dancers can do – and do them all gracefully and with a fixed smile on my face.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be an incredible cook. You know, not a professional, but one of those talented people who can just sort of wander into their kitchen and wander out again an hour or so later with a beautifully prepared meal for twelve. The kind of person who just knows where to get crème fraîche (and what it actually is, as well as what can actually be done with it). The kind of person who doesn’t agonize over the prospect of feeding friends who just “dropped by” on a Sunday afternoon – she just does it, in fine style.

But really, I think it would be great to just be an otter. I’ve always had a huge soft spot for them. And think about it: what do they do all day? They swim, eat, sleep, and play. Lots of play. That’s pretty much it. Plus everybody thinks they’re sooooo cute!

I wonder if otters come in pink?


8 responses to “I wish I may, I wish I might …

  1. Not me. I want to be an orca. They’re top of the food chain. But mainly I want to be an orca at Seaworld so I could take out 5 or 6 trainers on behalf of all the other orcas those bastards want to capture.

    • XUP – Gymnast, huh? That would be handy to get out of tight situations – not that you would ever find yourself in anything like that, of course. No, no, not sweet and meek XUP, no way!

      Pauline – Math and science aren’t my strong areas either, but I can’t truly say that I’ve ever felt limited because of it. I’ve never considered a career in any of those areas you mention, but I suppose that’s because we all go towards our strengths, so maybe without even knowing it, I’ve simply closed those particular doors.

      mrwriteon – That would be a pretty good use of orca-hood, for sure! They’re rather intelligent creatures too, so I think they just might be very capable of doing that without your assistance, should the worst case scenario happen and you never actually become an orca.

  2. I’m very flattered! Thank you Pinklea. 🙂

    Personally, I have always wanted to be really good in math and science. Unfortunately, math has been a real struggle for most of my life. (Despite my best efforts in middle-high school) Excelling in these areas may not sound as ‘sexy’ as creative talent, but if I was stronger with numbers then more career opportunities would open up and I could be anything I want to be. (Vet, astrophysicist, doctor, nurse, geologist, etc.)

  3. I think if you peel an otter’s skin off he would be pink!! Meanwhile, I always thought it would be cool to be a gymnast and be able to do handsprings at will and splits just for the heck of it and be all bendy and twisty and limber.

  4. I wish I was a figure skater. That would be my way of flying (also scared of heights!). But I discovered I have vertigo and got dizzy every time I turned around.
    I also dreamed of being a drummer in a band. It could satisfy my wish to be in the background by keeping a steady rhythm, then erupt in one of those amazing drum solos that would blow everyone away before retreating back to my steady beat.

    • VioletSky – My mom also fantasizes about being a figure skater. In fact, we had this running joke all throughout the Olympics that Mom would be skating for Canada, leaping high and dazzling us all with her super-white skates. I don’t know if she’d like to be a drummer too – but that whole being-in-the- background-till-I-feel-like-performing-a-solo thing sure appeals to me!

  5. Mrs Jones – Being a swift would be fantastic, wouldn’t it – well, except for the part about flying high. I don’t do well with heights. But I could certainly get into the screaming part.

  6. And I want to be a swift – the ability to fly through the air at 70 mph in a gang of mates, all screaming at the top of their voices, to be able to fly really high one minute, then swoop down to the rooftops in a heartbeat, must be utterly fantastic.