Magic carpet ride

After much angst as to its colour, my new carpet has just been installed in my basement TV room.

I’m so happy with it!

Of course, there were other issues along the way (nothing is ever easy or straightforward in Pinklea-land). I refused to pay 200$ extra or whatever it was to have the furniture moved out then back in again. I refused to pay a similar amount to have the old carpet removed. With PG’s help, I figured I could do it myself. Kind of like my attitude with the new blinds.

And I actually did do most of all that myself. PG helped me move only the TV and the bigger hide-a-bed sofa, and he helped tear out about half the old, ugly carpet. Because this was all done the day before, I was also able to vacuum the cement floor very thoroughly so that I knew that underneath the new carpet, it would be clean.

I wish I had taken a photo of the old, gross carpet, but I didn’t. Suffice it to say that it was a nondescript, beige, stained, cheap berber.

Anyway, this is what the room looked like completely empty and ready for the installers. As you can see, the bottom of the walls is painted navy blue, and the top is a lighter blue. My two sofas in the room are beige, and that caused the colour problem.

Just try to find a neutral-ish colour to match with navy blue and beige! I had originally thought to match the sofas as closely as I could, but that proved impossible, not to mention ugly, upon second thought. I mean, it would have been just a sea of bland beige. Gross! A lighter, almost white colour might have worked, but it would have shown dirt way too easily. A shade of blue was a possibility, though not exactly neutral.

But when I brought in both a navy blue paint chip and a cushion from the sofa to show the salesperson in the store, she immediately recognized that the beige fabric actually had a green tinge to it. All I could think of at the time was that old saying “Blue and green should never be seen”. However, within the type of plush carpet I had chosen, she suggested this colour called “Riverbank”, which, as its name suggests, is a blend of brown, beige and green. And damn, but it looks terrific with both the beige sofas and the navy blue walls!

See? I would never have considered that colour without being prodded by the salesperson in a million years, but I really, really like it! It warms up the room (literally and figuratively – it’s a carpet, after all) and it looks, dare I say it, almost designer-ish. Like someone competent in interior design chose it.

Well, I do watch a lot of Home and Garden TV …


9 responses to “Magic carpet ride

  1. Our new carpet will be in this Friday. I can hardly wait…wish I had a savvy salesperson help me. The guy was nice, but he was like – “yeah – these here will all go with those colors…have fun.”

    • Nora – And I wonder why we can’t have both? How about hiring salespeople who actually have an interest in whatever they are selling, as well as training them thoroughly in the various products and how to care for them properly? That would certainly bring me back to a particular shop!

      Wenderina – I know. I really lucked out to find a salesperson with such a good sense of colour. It really helped to have someone who is a true pro offer her opinions and ideas when I was so unsure of myself. (You’ll post photos of your new carpet on your blog, right?)

  2. I think we expect a salesperson to sell us carpets without actually having any competence in the product she is selling us, except for the basic points that it will wear well or that spills are easy to clean up, not that certain colors will match well and make your room look great. That’s what’s so pleasantly surprising.

  3. Ooh, I love it. It goes very well with both the beige and the blues 🙂

    • Nora – I was so concerned that it wouldn’t look nearly as nice at home as it did in the store, so it was quite a relief that it did! I really did have a competent salesperson, didn’t I (and why is that such a surprise? Shouldn’t we consumers expect that?!)?

      Bevchen – And to see that colour carpet by itself, I’ll bet you would say “Ewwwww”! But somehow, the combination works.

  4. You did a great job on the carpet. I looks very nice. You can be very proud of yourself and so can the home decorating person.

  5. Pauline – The people who owned my house prior to me buying it had an enormous dog. So not only was that original carpet ugly and all stained, you can guess what it may have been stained with!

    XUP – Yes! That is the best word to describe that room now: cosy. And with the NHL playoffs beginning this week, I will be spending a fair amount of time in front of the TV for the next while, so at least I’ll have a lovely room to enjoy when the Canucks are losing a game.

  6. Very cosy. It’s amazing what these interior decorating types will come up with, isn’t it?

  7. Very nice! Our carpets have been shredded right outside of rooms where the cats wanted in.

    So it looks like we might be in the market for new carpets soon too! 😛