Owwww …

I’ve been waking up a lot lately with a headache. This is often at about 5 am. I get up, pee, pop a couple of Tylenol, and try to go back to sleep. When it’s actually time for me to get up, the headache is sometimes still there, so I get up, pee yet again, pop a couple of Advil this time, and try to carry on with my morning routine. The headache is usually either gone or at least down to a dull roar by the afternoon.

I do get the occasional migraine, as I may have mentioned once or twice here before. And sometimes, this morning headache is actually a migraine. But more often, I know it’s not, because it is more localized between my eyes. That suggests a sinus headache.

Okay. A sinus headache. But why first thing in the morning? And why has it been happening so frequently lately?

It seems to occur about three times a week right now, and there seems to be no pattern as to which days. Sometimes it’s a weekend morning, which means that I may have had a glass or two of red wine the night before. Sometimes, like today, it’s a Thursday morning, which means that I consumed no alcohol the night before and in fact, was in bed by 10:30 pm. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with caffeine intake either, as the headache doesn’t lift soon after I have my first café au lait of the day.

I’ve been researching this on my best friend, the Intarwebs, and learned that perhaps I suffer from sleep apnea (I don’t), teeth grinding (I don’t), excessive stress (not currently – unless you count my recent forays into home renovations with the new blinds and carpeting), a sinus infection (unlikely, as there are no other symptoms), lack of hydration (possible – I know that I don’t drink much water), or a spine or neck misalignment (possible, although again, there are no other symptoms).

DD is concerned that I may have a brain tumour or something equally horrid and scary, but I very much doubt it. My headaches are far too random for that, and they aren’t constant.

But I really should try to track down the cause a little more seriously with my chiropractor and/ or my physician. I don’t like having to take so many meds so often. That can’t be good for a body – and what if they are causing the headaches to recur? I’ve heard of that happening, and after all, I am getting older and more sensitive to what I ingest.

Speaking of getting older, here’s a thought, albeit a very quiet one: maybe these headaches have something to do with approaching menopause? (And do you think I would actually admit it if they did?!)


7 responses to “Owwww …

  1. Well, I have decided to zero in on the dehydration angle because I thought it would be the easiest. I drank copious (for me) amounts of water all last evening. Today – no headache. I shall be drinking yet more water this evening to see if I can duplicate the results. I’ll let you know!

    Mrs Jones – I actually am looking forward to menopause, strangely enough. The idea of being warm for a change is really quite appealing!

    Jazz – If the water thing doesn’t pan out, I think I’ll head to the chiropractor first (again, simply because that’s easier than seeing my physician, who is so busy that you always have to wait a week to get in to see her – and then she’s usually running late, too.).

    Choppysunflower – I do have a down duvet and pillows, so I guess those are the most likely culprits for a hormone-induced allergy. I’m 52, but so far, my body is just ticking along with no real menopausal symptoms. Maybe this is one of the first?

    VioletSky – A food diary sounds like a great way to determine if maybe I’ve developed some kind of food sensitivity that is causing the headaches. But … what if it turned out that I was affected by wine or graham wafers or salt & vinegar potato chips?? I don’t think I could live happily without those, so maybe it’s better not to know and just tough out the headaches!

  2. It might be a good idea to keep a food diary before you see anyone.
    Do you sleep with the window open?
    I am sensitive to some of the scents in laundry detergent (and why do they have to do that??).

  3. choppysunflower

    I suspect allergies, that’s what it sounds like to me. Could be anything. Do you have a down pillow or duvet? Cats? Dust mites? Everybody has those. You may want to get tested. It might be brought on by your change of life, In other words, how old are you now?

  4. Well, I noticed I get more headaches now… just sayin’.

    And maybe you should see a doctor if it persists.

  5. Yes, check it out with your chiropractor – it might be something as simple as your pillow or mattress no longer being firm enough. Could also be hormonal – I can’t remember if you say anywhere how old you are, but I don’t think the menopause is anything to fear. I’m going to be thirty-seventeen in a couple of weeks time and I’m positively relishing it all stopping. It never did me any good and the sooner it all stops the better.

  6. Dear, if it’s menopause, you won’t have to admit it. Those in your periphery will know. Trust me on that one.

    Interesting post for me today, as today was a migraine morning for me, and they invariably hit immediately upon awakening, with the visuals and all the other shit.

    What you are describing, however, I would suspect to be sinus and allergies.

    • mrwriteon – Hmm, good point on menopause. Have a little experience with that, do you? 😉 I never thought of allergies as causing my headaches, though. Allergies to what, I wonder? Hope your head is better now.