Done in

My blinds are all up! The ones that were delivered, I mean. The ones that weren’t, well, I still don’t know exactly why that was. No one has called me yet to let me know what really happened there. Typical service, isn’t it?

But I love my new blinds! They’re white and clean and look good! When they’re tilted open, they let a lot more light in than my old metal mini-blinds. When they’re tilted closed, they block the light quite efficiently.

PG came in on his white horse to rescue me with the last, widest, heaviest blinds. They were for the three bedrooms. I took the old blinds and brackets down, washed the windows, and got all the equipment ready. Basically, all he had to do was help me position the new blind in each window, place and attach all the new brackets in the appropriate spots, then help me lift the blinds into place and snap the brackets shut.

PG had never done this before.

I did not know this. I naively assumed that, as a former construction worker and all-round handy guy, he knew how to do this. He did not.

So I had to show him. He didn’t like my method and devised his own. I didn’t like his method because I thought he was neglecting some of the little aspects of the job that I considered important – like erasing pencil marks on the window frame.

I got rather snippy and snarly with the poor guy. I ended up leaving him to it while I started cleaning up in another bedroom. He just kept working away stoically, more or less ignoring me.

And the good news is that when I eventually find out what’s going on with the remaining two blinds and I eventually re-order and receive them, I will again need his help in order to hang them since they’re also quite wide and heavy. I will also need his help next week to empty out my TV room and rip out the old carpet in preparation for the new carpet installation in 10 days. If he’s still talking to me. If he’ll deign to help me again. (I’ll probably have to promise him a new car or something to entice him to do this again.)

Oh joy. The fun never ends.


5 responses to “Done in

  1. Promise him you’ll walk around nekkid. He’ll do anything.

    • Bevchen – I’ll bet that made you feel pretty good! PG doesn’t often do that to me: he mostly just lets me do my thing, then he casually wanders over with his tools and says “I’ll just tighten/ improve/ strengthen that now”. But I’m secretly convinced that he’s taking it right apart and redoing it his (i.e. the proper) way!

      Jazz – I can’t believe I never thought of that before! Of course he’ll do anything then – he’s a guy!

  2. Furniture building is a bad, bad thing. When we were putting up my wardrobe the other day Jan told me off for screwing something onto the wrong end, then came and looked and saw that it actually wasn’t. HA!

  3. You better be nice to such a boyfriend, There aren’t many of them around like that.

    • Nora – I know! And let’s not forget that you were the one who first said that I should have hired someone to put up the blinds because us doing it together would not be good for the relationship. I should listen to you more often …