It’s my mom’s birthday today. I don’t think she’d mind if I told you how old she is. She’s 80. She has slowed down somewhat, naturally, but I think she’s in fine shape for a woman of her age. It bodes well for me, actually – and it’s all about me, of course. Even on my mom’s birthday.

Yesterday, DD and I took Mom out for dinner. That’s become one of our little family rituals. She never wants a gift, but sometimes I manage to come up with some little token for her. This year I bought her a jar opener (I know – that’s so personal! Never you mind – she was pleased with it!). I also compose a funny little poem for her every birthday, to tease her and make her laugh about some aspect of her personality. This year’s poem mentioned her propensity for drinking rye, good Ukrainian woman that she is.

My brother and sister-in-law don’t live in town, but every year they send a huge bouquet of flowers to Mom. That’s their ritual, and Mom loves it. My brother usually phones her to wish her a happy birthday, and she always enjoys that even more.

This year, though, my brother and sister-in-law are away on vacation. They won’t be back for another week, so last night at dinner, we were talking about them and hoping that they’re having a good time. It also occurred to Mom that she wasn’t likely to get her flowers and phone call till they got back …

… which gave me the idea to get her a huge bunch of flowers myself. I mean, I do buy my mom flowers for random reasons at various other times of the year, but her birthday and Mother’s Day have become the territory of my brother. I know it shouldn’t bug me, because I do get to see her any time I want to and my brother doesn’t, but I would like to get her flowers for those occasions myself sometimes. Or maybe sometimes my brother and I could share the cost and buy her some really magnificent arrangement.

So anyway, I figured this year I could do it! So I got her a big bouquet of multi-coloured roses with baby’s breath, and brought it over to her this afternoon when I arrived to do her vacuuming for her (that’s one of the ways in which Mom has slowed down: she no longer can easily vacuum every week). She was so happy to get her birthday flowers! She promptly trimmed the stems and arranged them in a glass vase on the dining room table. The room soon became fragrant with the soft scent of roses.

While we sitting chatting as I took a break from the vacuuming, there was a knock on the door. Mom, looking puzzled, went to see who it was. I picked up the vacuum to continue my work. Then she came back into the living room, with a smile on her face and an enormous cellophane-wrapped bouquet of flowers in her arms.

Yep, my brother and sister-in-law had arranged for a flower delivery before they left for their vacation. So now Mom has two lovely birthday bouquets. She is absolutely tickled pink!

Now why didn’t it ever occur to me before that it’s okay to have two bouquets of flowers at the same time??? I hope I remember this for next year.

Happy (floral) birthday, Mom! xoxo


14 responses to “Flowers

  1. Oh no! And you keep telling me they get better as they get older. And here I’ve been looking to you and DD all this time as my hope for the future.

    • XUP – They do get better. Just not in every way. Actually, a lot of the time, they just get more charming and creative with their excuses, and you end up laughing so hard that you don’t care so much whether or not they do whatever you’d requested in the first place!

  2. Bevchen – I would LOVE to have flowers sent to me at work! I think I’m going to have to tell PG quite bluntly that I would like him to do that – no more of this gentle dropping of hints!

    XUP – This is a new development with my mom, so I guess you have to be pretty much 80 to no longer vacuum. I don’t think DD even knows what a vacuum is, or where ours is kept. I’m still working on her to throw her dirty laundry IN her hamper, not simply nearby.

  3. That’s a pretty good scam about “having slowed down too much to vacuum”. How old do I have to be to get that started, do you think? Could I get my daughter to do all the vacuuming now maybe? Have you tried to pull that on DD yet?

  4. Happy belated birthday to your mum!
    I love flowers, but the boyfriend has only ever bought them for me once… which he got sent to my work for our 5 year anniversary.

  5. Happy Birthday to her! The jar opener and flowers sound like perfect gifts!

    • Pauline – She was actually particularly pleased with the jar opener, as she’s been wanting one for a very long time. We tried it out, and it worked great, so I was pleased. I hunted months to find one that I thought would work well, because many of them don’t work well at all, I’ve discovered.

  6. Quackattack – You? Moody? Who knew?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jazz – Yeah, I’m a mom, and I love flowers … only I often end up buying my own. (DD? Are you reading this? Are you taking notes? PG? How about you?)

    VioletSky – You’re a Pisces too?? Is there some astral connection between Capricorns and Pisces, I wonder? I seem to be finding Pisces all around me lately.

    Irene – My mom says thank you (although she thinks it’s weird that I have all these blogging buddies and we all share some parts of our lives with each other. That would be her love/ need for privacy talking, I think.).

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom.

  8. and we Pisceans love flowers. so keep on giving.
    (and, yep, all the above applies to me too!)

  9. Moms love flowers. Basically, from what I realized with mine (who’s 83) is that a mom can never have too many flowers.. Think I’ll send her a batch tomorrow for no reason. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Oh, for sure – I’m a prototypical Pisces. Though, your description missed the moodiness … we Pisceans are notorious for our moodiness. Lol!

  11. Aw, lucky lady!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Quackattack – Thanks, on Mom’s behalf! You and she are both Pisces. So you’re both supposed to be romantic, understanding and creative, to value freedom, privacy and being loved/wanted and to dislike noise, crowds and authority. Any of that fit? (Some of it sure does for my mom!)