Ups and downs

More gym news: my first weigh-in and measurement after a month of working out.

I did not do as well as I would have hoped.

I put on two pounds and a quarter-inch around my waist. My bust and hips stayed the same. My percentage of body fat increased slightly, by something like 1%. I lost a quarter-inch each off my arms and my thighs.

This gym thing does not appear to be working well for me, does it?

But honestly, the numbers didn’t disturb me too much. (Well, if I’m totally truthful, the additional two pounds were a bit of a blow, but why should I be totally truthful here? So just ignore that part, okay?) As the trainer said to me, they’re only numbers, and since I don’t really have a lot of inches or weight to lose, a quarter-inch or a pound here and there won’t make a real difference to my body. I didn’t go into this to lose inches and pounds (or even centimetres and kilograms). That’s not my motivation. I simply want to be stronger and to have toned arms. I want to do a man push-up!

Besides, as I previously wrote, I actually have noticed a positive difference in my body, even if the measuring tape and the scale haven’t. And who should I believe, myself or some inanimate objects manipulated by some muscle-y woman trainer? I mean, there could be all kinds of variables at play here! What if she measured wrong? What if the scale isn’t quite accurate when, say, the barometric pressure changes? What if my apparel this time was thicker and heavier than what I wore last time?

Anyway, I’ve resolved to just carry on doing what I’ve been doing: gym three times a week, brisk walk once or twice a week, try to eat healthily – and try to ignore the fact that DD lost four pounds and around 10 inches in total.

If she wasn’t my daughter, I’d be really pissed, I think.


7 responses to “Ups and downs

  1. I need a belt to keep my jeans up-that’s how I know I’ve lost weight before I even get on the scales.

  2. Quackattack – According to my trainer, that is a fallacy. A pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat, it seems. The only difference is that fat takes up more space – or is it muscle that takes up more space?? Can’t quite remember …

    Irene – Yes, strength and endurance are exactly what I’m looking for. Strength and endurance to be able to do a man push-up! I’m going to try again this weekend.

    VioletSky – I don’t think I’ve ever inspired anybody before! Oooooh – the pressure! But, yay us! We can compare notes.

    XUP – I don’t know if I have the option to opt out of them. But, yeah, you’re right, all that truly matters is that I’m feeling good. And interestingly, considering all the walking I have done over the past 4 or 5 years, going to the gym for five weeks has changed my body faster. (But I won’t stop walking – I enjoy it too much!)

  3. I wouldn’t even bother with the weigh-in and measurings. If you’re enjoying your work outs and feel better, that’s all that matters. You go, girl! You, too Violetsky!!

  4. I have just gotten myself a personal trainer and have access to a new gym (which I can use any time while I have this trainer and join later). I am thinking of you as my inspiration šŸ™‚

  5. I would keep right on doing what I was doing. you’re opting for a healthy life style and that should be your motivation. Obviously you already look good and you are toning your body. You are building up muscle and strength and endurance. There’s a lot to be said for that. Keep up the good work!

  6. quackattack

    Don’t they say muscle weighs more than fat, anyway? šŸ™‚