Painting toenails

I’ve had a busy Saturday morning.

I got up early to get to the gym – yay me! I walked over to the grocery store on my way home to pick up a few items. I got home and hopped in the shower. Then I started some laundry. Then I began vacuuming, which the house very badly needed. I also ate breakfast and lunch in there, too.

Oh, and all this was in between running back and forth to the TV to check out today’s events at the Olympics.

And at some point, I decided to repaint my toenails.

But I have learned something today. It is emphatically NOT possible to paint one’s toenails properly in between all this activity. Especially vacuuming. You see, the hose tends to drag over one’s toes. That’s not a good thing when the nail polish isn’t quite dry. Or even when it is dry to touch but it hasn’t really hardened very much yet, so the hose dents the polish.

I ended up repainting my damn big toe on my right foot SIX damn times! SIX!

I finally got it when I simply sat down in front of the TV for an entire half-hour without jumping up to do anything else. But I still didn’t really do the best job I’ve ever done.

And now I’ve just realized that I’ve completely forgotten to brush my teeth today. I’m going to run upstairs and do that now – hopefully not six times.


9 responses to “Painting toenails

  1. Those are some nice feet! 🙂

    • Jazz – I almost always have painted toenails. I also almost always shave my legs, winter and summer. I’m just weird that way.

      XUP – You’re lucky: I was going to post about a pair of underwear that I own that are showing their age in a really weird way, but I decided that the accompanying photo was just too bizarre, so I’m not even writing the post. That would have really ruined your lunch.

      Pauline – Yeah, I won’t show my face on my blog, but my feet? Hey, no problem!

  2. I’m eating my lunch, here! Not that there’s anything wrong with your naked foot, but…you know…eating my lunch and everything…

  3. I’m impressed. Painting your toenails in winter… Wow. I only ever do mine in summer. And never my fingernails. I don’t know why…

  4. You have good toenails to polish. Mine don’t look that nice.

    • VioletSky – Yes, I was. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t agree and installed this stupid work ethic in me. Now I have this ridiculous compulsion to work before playing.

      Irene – Actually, I do like my toenails. I think my toes are a little stubby, but generally I don’t mind my feet too much. And polishing toenails is a good way to camouflage any imperfections in them, don’t you think?

  5. maybe you were born for a life a leisure.

  6. Lol – how easy it is to forget the little things when we’re out conquering the world, eh? 😉

    • quackattack – I think I wasn’t meant to vacuum, just watch major sports events on TV and paint my toenails … and develop stronger arms in between. I think I can handle that, but not too much more!