Oops, I did it again …

This just in: the 2010 Winter Olympic Games are currently being held in and around Vancouver, where I live. (Whistler is about a two-hour drive north of the city. Does that count as being “around” the city?)

Lots of residents are pretty excited about this and have spent oodles of money on tickets to various events, or at least great amounts of time trying to get tickets. Others are hanging out downtown, where there’s pretty much a permanent party going on in a number of locations. Still others (like me) are diligently watching the events on TV, which quite honestly, often provides the best view of the proceedings. There are even some people (like DD) who are just as diligently trying to ignore the whole thing, with varying success.

Many, many Vancouverites and suburbanites are sporting Olympic clothing, even though our temperatures right now are really nowhere near low enough to require tuques and mittens and heavy sweaters. There are lots of houses and buildings decked out with Canadian flags and banners supporting Canadian athletes.

And there are lots of vehicles sporting Canadian flags. I, of course, have such a flag on my car. I, of course, do not have a good record of keeping flags on my car. While driving, I tend to open the window to which the flag is attached. Naturally, I lose the flag.

And I did it again … almost.

I was just heading out to work this morning, Canadian flag proudly aloft. As I turned out my driveway, I spotted a neighbour I hadn’t seen for a while and stopped to chat with her briefly as she stood on the sidewalk. To do so, I unthinkingly lowered my passenger window. My flag popped off and fell to the ground. I didn’t really even notice till my neighbour bent down, picked it up, and handed it back to me through the open window.

My neighbour and I soon said goodbye to each other and I drove away. I didn’t put my flag back up. I was too embarrassed. I kept thinking, How could I brain-fade like that again? Am I incapable of learning from past mistakes?

That flag just may stay on the seat in my car for the rest of the Olympic games. It’ll be safer there.


2 responses to “Oops, I did it again …

  1. Maybe put it in the back window which you’re unlikely to be opening a lot?? I give you credit for doing your patriotic thing vis a vis the Olympics. Me, I’m more in DD’s camp. Go team…no, seriously…go

    • XUP – It’s pretty hard not to be a patriotic Canadian in Vancouver these days. You’re likely to get a serious scolding from all and sundry if you’re not sporting an article of Olympic-themed clothing or if you admit that you’ve not watched a single event so far. Or, horror of horrors, if you have no idea that the Canadian men’s hockey team actually lost to the Americans today! **shudder**