How not to do laundry

I had to do some laundry yesterday. (When don’t I have to do laundry? Two women do seem to go through an awful lot of underwear and socks …)

My washer and dryer are those stackable ones, stashed in a closet upstairs. The floor underneath is not quite level, so one day when PG was around with his masculine strength, I got him to tip the machines up slightly and I wedged a piece of wood beneath one corner to straighten them out a bit. It works well enough that the door to the dryer doesn’t usually swing shut of its own accord any more.

But sometimes it does. And sometimes it bonks me on the side of the head – gently, but a bonk nonetheless. I generally curse at it when this happens, and move it back to the fully open position with some force. Not too much force, of course, because it will just swing back at me harder, but I do want it to know that it has behaved badly and that it should never do this again.

Yesterday, though, I had a bit of a brain fade with that dryer door. I had just finished piling the contents of the washer into the dryer, so my head was right beside the open door. In fact, it was almost in the dryer. I started to pull myself back so I could shut the door and start the dryer.

I didn’t move fast enough. I whacked my own self in the jaw with the dryer door.

Yes, it hurt. Yes, I cursed.

And yes, I’ve just come back from the chiropractor because today my neck is out so much that I can’t turn to the right without pain.

I think it’s time that DD did all the laundry all the time around here. It’s too dangerous for me.


7 responses to “How not to do laundry

  1. VioletSky – Of course, humidity is not a problem in Vancouver 😉 , but I do like the idea of just using the dryer for fluffing the towels, since that’s my big issue with not using the dryer.

  2. I hang dry all of my laundry. All year. In winter it takes longer, though. But it helps with the humidity situation in the dry apartment air.
    I have a small dryer I use to fluff up the towels (or to speed up the drying process)

  3. Really, can’t one of the maids do laundry? You shouldn’t mollycoddle them by doing these menial and dangerous chores yourself or before you know it you won’t be able to get them to much of anything beyond the basics anymore

    • Nora – The worst part is that I pretty much closed the dryer door on myself! I can’t truly blame the dryer door this time. How lame is that?!

      Pauline – I suppose I could hang my clothes to dry in the basement in the winter, but I hate the feel of towels that have dried like that: crunchy! So I do like using the dryer – I just have to coordinate my hand and my head better

      mrwriteon – The jaw is fine, the neck still hurts. I have another visit with the chiropractor scheduled for Friday, so hopefully that will do the trick.

      XUP – I know, I know – I’m too lenient with the help. I hire them, I chat with them, feed them tea and cake … and the next thing I know, I’m paying them to sit around and play computer games while I’m doing the laundry. Something is definitely wrong here …

  4. Hope your jaw is better now. Don’t you hate in when those kinds of things happen?

  5. Awww that sucks! Stupid dryers! Makes you wish you could hang dry your clothes year round. (Though that could have its own hazards as well)

  6. Household appliances can be outright dangerous. I hope the kink is out of your neck fast and that the dryer door doesn’t play that trick on you anymore. Maybe the washer and dryer aren’t quite level yet?