New (ish)

I got a new television over the weekend. Really. But don’t get too excited. It was free, after all.

PG just got a brand new, 46-inch flat-screen LCD behemoth. I thought it might look stupidly oversized in his apartment, but it doesn’t. It looks just fine (now that I’ve rearranged the furniture to my liking), and the picture is amazingly clear and wonderful. PG is a self-admitted TV addict, so he is very pleased too.

This new arrival, of course, meant that PG’s old television needed a new home. My home. PG delivered it on Saturday, we plugged it in, I programmed it into my universal remote, and voilà! Pinklea has a new TV!

Here’s my old one:

Here’s my new one:

There’s a huge difference between them, isn’t there? What? You can’t tell? Oh, come on! It’s obvious! Surely you can see that the first TV is from about 1985 and the second one is from about 1995! My television technology has just jumped forward a whole decade!

Am I truly the only person who gets excited about 15-year-old technology in her home?!


9 responses to “New (ish)

  1. XUP – Funny, I was thinking of you and your old TV as I wrote that post! I really don’t know what to do with the old one yet. I was thinking of maybe calling one of the local women’s shelters and seeing if they could use it. Right now it’s just sitting behind the couch.

    Pauline – I know. I live right on the ragged edge, don’t I?

    Maureen – So did you want it back? (You’d have to pay for the shipping yourself, you know!)

  2. Ahahaha! Hey! That’s MY TV in your last photo!

  3. Woo! 1995 here we come! LOL
    My husband is obsessed with all the latest, fancy TV’s and gadgets and stuff, so ours are pretty new. The flat screens are pretty nifty though and take up less space!

  4. I was going to ask, who’s getting the 1985 TV. I broke down and got a small flat screen last year. We only had a little 13 inch that was 10 years old. The main problem with it was when we wanted to watch a DVD – you wouldn’t believe the process involved. It was making my daughter nuts.

  5. I’d get pretty excited about that. I don’t have a wide flat screen either. It’s too advanced for me. Mine is about 7 years old and still going strong, knock on wood, but it’s just a plain old TV.

    • Nora – ONLY seven years old! That’s practically right out of the showroom, as far as I’m concerned! I do have to admit, though, that those new wide flat-screens do have a wonderful picture, so I suppose I’ll have to break down and buy one someday. After I have my kitchen renovated.

  6. I dream of having such technology. Jason recently installed a media p.c. which is all singing and all dancing. He told me it would revolutioniser our viewing lives. It has. When he is not there I have to get Tilly to operate it for me or I cannot watch a film. Gah

    • Jazz – My old TV worked just fine, despite a little buzzing when it was first turned on. So really, I’m just doing PG a big favour by taking his old TV off his hands, aren’t I?

      Katyboo – I have a 25-year-old TV I could ship to you for free, if you’re interested. It still works and everything!

  7. Nope you’re not. If it works…