I got an unexpected gift in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

To be fair, getting anything in the mail these days is a gift, even a bill. There’s just something nice and so … retro about getting mail now. I love going down to the mailbox to see if there’s anything exciting in it! Often it’s just stupid flyers, which don’t count. Sometimes it’s a form letter from a company I deal with, telling me of some sale they’re having. Those don’t count either. What counts are things like cards (birthday, Christmas, sympathy, thank you – I don’t care, I just like getting them, especially if there’s a cheque in them!), reminder notices about magazine subscriptions about to expire (I actually do subscribe to a couple of magazines, old fogey that I am), notices from Canada Post telling me that they tried to deliver a package to the house but no one was home (those are usually for DD), real letters from real people (yeah, right. Like anybody writes real letters any more!) and even billing notices (I get the majority of my bills on-line, but not all).

But this particular envelope tickled my fancy like few pieces of mail have.

You see, it was from the theatre company whose production of “White Christmas” was interrupted for half an hour or so by a rogue fire alarm the night we were there. I wrote about it here, and it was particularly interesting because this was the second time (for those of you who are catching up) that PG and I attended a musical performance that was interrupted (or cancelled) due to some weird happening. So the theatre company was apparently writing to all us season ticket holders to apologize for the problem and to reassure us that the matter had been thoroughly looked into and would never happen again. AND to thank us for our patience and good nature, they were sending us all free drink vouchers to be redeemed at a future performance at our convenience!

Now, I happen to know that a glass of champagne at the theatre bar costs exactly 9.75$ at the theatre bar. Each voucher is worth a maximum of 9.75$. Sooooo … guess what we’ll be imbibing at intermission at the next Arts Club play we attend?


14 responses to “Freebie!

  1. Awesome! But I also had to laugh at Hannah78! Har!

  2. I still write letters!

  3. Nora – But I do like champagne and martinis! Especially those that are pink, naturally 😉 !

    Wenderina – Darling Daughter said pretty much the same thing when I showed her the letter and the drink vouchers from the theatre company. Her career choice? PR (well, it will be if she ever finishes school!).

    VioletSky – And here I’ve been regretting that I never went to the Russian Tea Room when I was in NYC, despite the fact that we stayed pretty much right across the street! That makes me feel a lot better.

  4. I f I do, I’ll have a glass for each of you!
    On my last visit, I did accept water at The Russian Tea Rooms, and was a little surprised to have a whole bottle but on the table. But was even more surprised at the $9.00 I was charged for it.
    It was Perrier, still.

  5. As a marketer, I must applaud their smart decision. They are generating sales for the theatre from a group of people who could become disgruntled customers. Buying a couple drinks for an entire audience is way cheaper than say, a full page ad in the newspaper, AND it guarantees it only costs them something if you come back and spend more time and money. Taking the marketing hat off though….it’s also a damn nice thing to do.

  6. But why not get a drink you really like? I bet you can think of a really good cocktail.

  7. Hannah – Maybe I could hold out for a free play or two as well?

    XUP – I don’t know, but I doubt she’ll find a glass of champagne anywhere in New York for either 9.75$ or 10.50$, will she? (But, VioletSky, please let us know if you do!)

  8. Violetsky is sooooo cynical. How did she get that way do you suppose? And how much worse is she going to be after spending all that time in New York?

  9. Sweet! I think you should write them back and say that you were traumatized by the whole experience and your recovery would be hastened greatly if they sent more drink vouchers! 😉

  10. VioletSky – Then I’ll just have to have a martini. (Either way I’ll likely nap through the second act!)

    Jazz – I used to write lots of letters too. I’ve never quite gotten the hang of short, to-the-point emails because of that: mine are usually long, and wordy, just like my letters were.

  11. Yay for freebies. And I wish people still wrote letters – I used to write tons of letters, but I don’t think anyone would write back nowadays.

  12. How nice of them.
    And then they up the cost of champagne to $10.50 per glass.

    But really, that is a nice gesture.