Répondez s’il vous plaît

PG and I got an invitation the other day to a party during the Christmas season. First of all, I was thrilled to receive an actual invitation. Nobody does that any more, everybody just phones or texts or casually asks someone else to let you know.

But it was a little late to be inviting people to a Christmas do, with less than three weeks remaining till the day they’ve planned it. Lots of calendars are already filling up, so I would think that many people simply can’t fit in another social event.

Not PG and I. No, no. We’re pretty much wide open all Christmas. So of course we can attend our friends’ party.

Except at the bottom of the invitation, it says “RRSP” – which is, obviously, the acronym for “Registered Retirement Savings Plan”.

So now I simply don’t know what to do. Should I reply to these people to tell them that we would love to come to their party, or should I simply donate some money to their RRSP?


7 responses to “Répondez s’il vous plaît

  1. bevchen – I told my friend about the error yesterday and she laughed harder than I’ve heard her laugh in a long time!

    Jazz – My friend said she’s going to put a box by the front door for RRSP contributions and see if anybody besides me gets the joke.

    Dawn – It even took me a couple of reads before I noticed it, and I’m always the first person to spot spelling or grammar errors (in either of our official languages).

  2. Definitely donate.

    I’ll bet it was a printer’s error that they didn’t even notice.

  3. Donate. That’s what they want.

  4. haha, love it 😉

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Nora – I think I will politely point it out to them, actually. They’re good friends and we have had many good times with them. I think they’ll get the joke, even if it’s on them!

    Hannah – True. It would be interesting to analyze this one in Freudian terms, though, wouldn’t it? Hmm – RRSP vs RSVP, putting money away for the future vs spending it on a party …

  6. Oops! Ah well we all make mastakes! 😉

  7. Ha, that’s really funny. I wonder how mixed up they got when they wrote that? What must they have been thinking of? Do you sometimes get the idea that people are missing the boat? Are you going to politely point it out to them? You almost want to, don’t you?