Blowing smoke

On our walk last night, DD and I had to stop in at the grocery store to pick up milk. We go through a lot of milk at our house, since we both drink a lot of lattés. Well, not exactly real lattés, more like coffee with lots of milk and maybe a bit of vanilla extract (or even sometimes real vanilla syrup, just like at Starbucks) for flavour. And we really only do this on weekends, since we’re both out of the house pretty quickly most weekdays, so we don’t actually have time (or take the time) to make coffee at home. I’d rather sleep longer.

But, I digress.

So we bought the milk and made our way to the underground parking lot of the store to go home. It’s a bit of a shortcut for us to go through that carpark to get back to our house from this store, rather than walking all the way around back the way we came in. By going this way we do have to cross a four-lane street at a spot where there’s no actual crosswalk or traffic light, but the street is only really busy during rush hours, and it was eight o’clock on a Friday night.

The sliding door opened into the carpark and our nostrils were assailed by the unmistakable odour of someone smoking dope. We glanced around. Yep, there they were, three teenagers standing beside a parked car, giggling and smoking away. It must have been strong stuff too, because that smell permeated the entire carpark, which is wide open to the elements on two sides.

Not that I’m super-conservative and strongly against marijuana or anything, but come on! Standing in a grocery store parking lot at eight o’clock on a Friday night and smoking dope? Do you really have nothing better to do? And considering that it is still an illegal substance, is there really nowhere else you can go to do your dope, perhaps somewhere just a bit more private?

And as we walked by, they didn’t even offer us any.

Sheesh. Kids these days.


6 responses to “Blowing smoke

  1. I smell it all the time in town here. Sometimes I inhale deeply, but it has no effect. I may have to buy some of my own.

  2. For some reason, marijuana smoke doesn’t bother me as much as regular smoke. 😉

    • hannah – I would generally rather smell marijuana than cigarette smoke, too. That particular time, though, it was really quite pungent and reminded me of a skunk. Not so appetizing, really …

      Nora – If you did that, you’d be a lot more adventurous than I am! I’ve never bought the stuff in my life, and my experience with it is only very little and many years ago.

  3. Ha ha. I somehow didn’t expect this to be an usual occurence in Vancouver. It isn’t in stodgy old Ottawa and all our hippies went out west decades ago.

  4. Of course, you could have just stood there breathing deeply…

    • VioletSky – Hmm, never thought about doing that at the time. (And obviously, you have! 😉 )

      XUP – It probably depends upon where you are in Metro Vancouver. Downtown, yes, you see this out in the open all the time. In my suburb, not so much. I think people must be toking up in their own homes around here.