Coincidence? I think not …

This is kind of a creepy anecdote – but not in a stalking-vampire-named-Edward sort of way. It’s in more of a Twilight-Zone-not-that-stupid-Twilight-series sort of way.

What happened was that I awoke Wednesday morning with a very sore left arm. My upper arm (where my bicep would be, if I actually had one) ached, with occasional twinges down to my forearm and hand. I had no idea why, as I am practically a plant these days and certainly hadn’t done anything to my left arm. I hadn’t slept in an odd position or walked into something or anything else that might have caused my pain. But there it was.

Still, it wasn’t too bad, and I managed okay throughout the day.

That night, it was brutal. The pain eventually roused me very early on Thursday morning, after a fitful sleep, punctuated with throbbing pain in that arm. I just couldn’t find a comfortable position, and as I rolled around in pain, it seemed to get worse and worse. When I got out of bed at 6:30, I found that I couldn’t lift my left arm up very far at all. This did not bode well for such activities as, oh – how about dressing myself or brushing my hair. The ache was quite prominent all the way down my arm by then, as well. I still had no idea what I’d done to myself. I reluctantly took some Advil, which kicked in after half an hour and gave me some relief, but I could only take one tablet every four hours and I wasn’t really keen on being drugged up.

But again, I managed to get through my day, though I was taking the Advil every four hours.

Early that evening, DD was still at school and I was playing solitaire on my laptop. (Yes, I lead a very exciting life.) I was idly thinking that I should call my mom and take her some books and things that I had been collecting for her.

Of course, when the phone rang, it was my mom, calling about a totally unrelated matter. I told her that I’d just been thinking about calling her and dropping by (like she really believed me!). I told her I’d be over in about half an hour.

So I duly delivered all the items I’d meant to bring over and we sat down for a chat. During our conversation, she mentioned that she’d had her flu shot this week.

“Seasonal or H1N1?” I asked.

“Both,” she replied. “One in each arm.”

“How’s the H1N1 arm?” I questioned further. “Everybody I know who’s had that shot has had a super-sore arm for almost a week. A couple of friends couldn’t even lift their arms up normally that whole time!”

At that point, something went click in my head. I stopped suddenly.

“Mom,” I said slowly. “Which arm did you get the H1N1 vaccination in? Was it the left one? And what day did you get it?”

“Yes, the left one. It was on Tuesday,” Mom answered. “But it wasn’t too bad. I woke up on Wednesday morning and it was throbbing a bit all the way down my arm, but now it’s just a bit sore at the place where I got the shot.”

Okay. Let’s recap. My mother had her H1N1 shot on Tuesday, woke up Wednesday with throbbing pain down her left arm, and by Thursday, it was only sore at the spot where the injection was given.

I did not get an H1N1 shot on Tuesday. But I woke up on Tuesday with throbbing pain down my left arm which continued through Thursday.

I have heard of psychic connections before, particularly between people who are very close to one another – like mothers and daughters, let’s say.

Like the time my parents were in Australia when I found out that I was pregnant with DD. They just happened to phone me (which they never, ever had done before while they were on a trip) so I was able to share my good news with them right away. As soon as I told Mom, she yelled at my dad, “She’s pregnant! I told you so!” Apparently, the night before, she had dreamed that I was expecting a baby, and now here I was, confirming that very thing.

So it seems that my mother and I may have that connection. If you believe in that kind of stuff. Or else it’s just a very, very weird coincidence. If you don’t believe in that kind of stuff.

Regardless, my arm still hurts like hell. Time for another Advil.


5 responses to “Coincidence? I think not …

  1. Regardless of the source, may your arm soon feel better.

  2. Nora took the words right out of my keyboard. You really should see a doctor.

    • Jazz – I know I should. The onset was so sudden – and the pain disappeared on the weekend just as suddenly. I’d like to know how that can happen and how to avoid it happening again.

      mrwriteon – It’s feeling very much better now, thanks. I almost have complete range of motion today, and only a tiny bit of pain when I get my arm in a particular position (that is easily avoided, fortunately!).

  3. Time to go to the doctor, I say. It could be a pinched nerve and need some physiotherapy. I wake up with it most mornings, but I can’t afford the physiotherapy which is not in my insurance package.

    • Nora – Have you been talking to Porsche Guy?? That’s exactly what he said, though he’s recommending the chiropractor rather than a physiotherapist. My arm’s a bit better today, though. The throbbing has lessened and occasionally I can find a comfortable position for a few minutes of relief.