So wordy …

I’m a word person. I like words very much. I seem to learn languages very easily. I like to read, I like to write. I like to do word search puzzles, but not crossword puzzles. I like to talk. Probably too much.

imagesI also have a list of favourite words. (I bet you don’t have a whole list of favourite words. Actually, there are a number of websites devoted to favourite words, so maybe you do.)

The words on my list are words that I simply like. I like the sound of them, the way they trip off my tongue, the musicality of the syllables. I don’t particularly care what they mean, and I don’t particularly use them a lot in my everyday speech or writings. I just like these words.

In no particular order, here are some of the words I like:


Do you have any favourite words?


13 responses to “So wordy …

  1. Katyboo – You definitely mean “skink” and not “skank”, right?

    XUP – Yes, I noticed that many of my words have “l”s and “r”s. I wonder if it’s the French influence: it’s one of the romance languages, like Spanish, so there’s a lot of musicality and rhythm and softer sounds to the words.

    VioletSky – Affricates. I remember that word from my university phonetics and linguistics courses. So you’re an affricate lover, are you?

    mrwriteon – I’m decent at crossword puzzles and also at scrabble, but I just don’t really like them. I suppose I like having the words already there for me instead of having to discover what they are or to put them together. No, actually, I’m just lazy.

  2. I think along with your undulate I’d add ‘ululate’. I like the way it flows. Love your list. Aside from all the assorted things I’ve done in my life I was also once a secondary English teacher. I find it interesting that you don’t like crosswords. I love them and am reasonably good. Yet, I don’t like scrabble and am lousy at that. Good blog.

  3. Right, I’ve now looked up ‘affricated’. I think I get it. Very astute observation, XUP!

    I have never been able to master the alveolar trill (rolling your rrr’s) and had a lisp as a child so stumbled over the ‘th’ and ‘s’ and the placement of the ‘l’ in certain words (philately, for example). The ‘k’ sound, I had no problem with. In fact, would be my favourite.

  4. Interesting that your favourite words are mostly all very lingual – lots of tongue rolling, lots of l’s. Violetsky’s on the other hand are very affricated. I don’t know that I have favourite words. I’ll have to think about it.

  5. crayon, porcupine and skink.xx

  6. Oh yes, I have a list.
    And a post sitting in my drafts somewhere…
    mellifluous and discombobulate are favourites as are:

    There’s also a town in Scotland, Crianlarich, which for some reason I loved the sound of, though it turned out to be a sad railway junction with nothing particularly beauteous about it. I also moved to a similarly fun sounding placename called Penetanguishene, which is more commonly just called Penetang. It is famous for having a prison for the criminally insane. Again, a disappointment, but fun to say.

    • VioletSky – I LOVE “spelunking” and “ephemeral”! I must add those to my list. It’s funny: most people’s fave words have lots of syllables. No one likes one-syllable words like “cup” or “short”, do they?

  7. akimbo – and I have no idea why.

    • wenderina – Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to – um, say it and enjoy it? (Doesn’t rhyme, but I’m sure you get the gist of my meaning!)

  8. I did a favourite word post a long time ago. Serendipity is one of my favourites.

    • Jazz – I knew you’d be one of those people with favourite words! I will have to check your archives so I can read your list. Do you remember when you wrote that post?

  9. unnecessarily, undoubtedly, irreparably, irreconcilably, undeniably, irretrievable, unspeakable, irrefutable, instantaneous.

    Those are some of them, anyway, interestingly enough.

    • Irene – Oooooh – I like the sound of “irretrievable” and “irrefutable” in particular. Their syllables just roll off my tongue – and there’s a lot of syllables there!