Much better manners

The story of DD’s efforts to interview a PR professional for school is continuing, it seems. In a good way this time.

She, of course, had explained the whole situation to her program coordinator, complete with righteous indignation and accompanying dramatic body language. Her coordinator, of course, was very sympathetic and reassured DD that she would try to work something out, perhaps with a willing graduate of the program, in time for DD to complete the project. But before she started to make those phone calls, she fired off an email to an acquaintance of hers, who just happens to be on the board of some PR association in the province. She wanted to let him know that some of the members of this association had treated some of her students very unprofessionally and they needed to understand that a student’s time is just as valuable as theirs, that students have deadlines just like they do, and that students are deserving of just as much respect as they are.

This gentleman (and you will see why I call him that in a minute) replied very quickly. Basically, he was astonished that some of his association members would behave so disrespectfully. Their behaviour was unacceptable, according to him, and he would certainly bring it up in a general way with all the members in the future. And as for this poor student, he’d like to help her out. Would she like to interview him?

The coordinator quickly passed on this information to DD, who could not quite believe it. This man is one of the top PR people around, and is in charge of the PR of a number of very large, very well-known companies in the Vancouver area. He is a board member of a huge association. He is kind of a big deal. And he was offering to give her an hour of his valuable time, if she was interested.

If she was interested??? Hell yes, she was interested!

After a few emails and phone calls, the appointment was set up for Saturday afternoon. Yes, this lovely man is going to take time out of his weekend to help out a student who is thinking of entering his profession. And he has laughingly promised her that there is no way that he will blow her off, because he was once stood up on a date when he was teenager and he still remembers how awful that felt, so he has made it a point to never, ever do that to anyone else.

images-3Now THAT’S good PR.


11 responses to “Much better manners

  1. Jeannette – My Darling Daughter is the furthest thing from afraid to speak her mind that you’ve ever seen! She can be utterly fearless in telling people exactly what she thinks. Fortunately, she is usually capable of doing this in a kind way.

    As for the friend-system on WordPress, I’m not sure if there even is one similar to Blogger’s. I’ve just linked to blogs that I like under “Links” on my dashboard. It was a trial-and-error process – and then I discovered the FAQ section somewhere and I could get all my questions answered. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but good luck!

  2. Back again. I have a blog at wordpress and not done anything on it since Feb. How does the friend-system work? (on blogger it is by being a “follower” of a blog) – Thanks for writing me back:)

  3. good for her! She did the right thing. But sometimes students are afraid to speak their mind like she did, because they’re afraid that it effects their grade (and sometimes it does!)

  4. XUP – DD won’t forget this whole experience, I’m sure – or the contact she’s made with this guy. She just sent him a thank you email too, which I thought was quite smart on her part, just so he remembers her name. You never know: he just may be doing the hiring somewhere that DD applies for a job next year.

    Hannah – DD said that she only had to ask about 4 questions, and that the rest of the time he answered all of her other questions just within their conversation. I sounds to me that she was just taught by a master in the art of PR!

  5. That’s great! Nice too see that they aren’t all inconsiderate and it sounds like DD will get a great interview!

  6. Gentleman? He’s a Prince! How wonderful. I hope when she eventually gets into the business she’ll have the good fortune to work with someone like him, too.

  7. I still have to read the previous post, but I hope this interview goes well and I suppose she’s a very lucky, but also determined girl.

    • Nora – And considering that DD is also quite an anxious person and sometimes doesn’t deal well at all with unexpected situations like this, she handled this one maturely and amazingly well! The interview went very well, and I think renewed her faith in people (and PR people in particular).

  8. VioletSky – According to DD, the interview went wonderfully well. This man is also very big in the mentoring program that his association runs, so yes, the contact that DD has made with him could be quite beneficial at some point in the future.

    bevchen – DD said he was exceptionally nice and quite a good interview. He’s also originally from the UK, so they discussed London (one of DD’s fave cities ever) for a while before starting the actual interview. She was quite bubbly afterward, and much more positive about PR as a profession.

  9. He sounds like a nice man. I hope the interview goes well. I’ve just read the previous post and I’m soooo mad on your daughter’s behalf!

  10. Hope it goes well. And maybe some future job prospects will come out of this as well.