This is the junk drawer in my desk. It’s a very particular junk drawer, though. It only holds electronic junk. Only MY electronic junk, too, because DD has her own desk with her own electronic junk drawer.

Now, you can probably see that this junk drawer of mine contains a lot of electrical and computer-y cords. These are from the various computers I have owned: two laptops, an iMac, and an old and ungainly Apple Power PC. There are also a few computer cords, still in their store bags, that were purchased for whatever reason and never used (or returned, apparently). I hide those at the bottom of the drawer so even I don’t have to see them too often.

There is a GPS that Porsche Guy got me for Christmas last year. I’ve used it twice. It’s a complicated thing! Also, I haven’t done a lot of road trips since it came to live with me, so I really haven’t needed its services. Still, I do pull it out every now and then and play with it. Unfortunately, I then have to pretend that I’m starting out in Toronto, because that’s the default it’s set to, and I haven’t yet determined how to permanently change that to my actual location. The GPS came with many accessories, but it didn’t come with a guide book, and what I’ve found on-line isn’t the exact model that I have. Most of the directions on-line do apply, but they’re also startlingly vague in some crucial areas for me. So it’s an ongoing learning process.

The drawer also contains the little transparent plastic box that my iPod came in, and two sets of earbuds. One is white and visible in the photo. The other is pink (quelle surprise!) and is either in my purse on on top of the desk, just waiting to be hooked up to the iPod so we can all go for a walk.

There’s a plastic bag that holds the owner’s manual for my digital camera, which actually belonged to DD till last June, when she bought a new one. In addition, that bag has the memory card reader – and its cord! – that I use to download photos to my laptop. Oh yes – and the camera itself is somewhere in there, in a black and silver case. It must be under the plastic bag.

There’s a piece of paper upon which is written the necessary codes and settings for my wireless router. I have no clue what all those sequences of letters and numbers and symbols mean, but I’m told that they all make the router do things. Wireless things. I didn’t set the system up. (I guess that’s obvious, isn’t it?)

There’s a white box of set-up CDs for my laptop’s word processing program. This one has a thick instruction booklet, thank goodness. So I could refer to it, if I needed to. If I did something other than blog or play computer games, that is. And there are more set-up CDs beneath that white box, for my laptop’s operating system and the software for both my printer and my router.

This drawer also has this pen thrown into it. You can’t see much of the pen in the photo, but it’s orangy with a black and white penguin head. It’s called a “Popeyed Pen”, and when you squeeze the penguin’s head, its googly eyes spring out in a fish-like manner. It’s kind-of creepy, now that I think of it!

And what is that pen doing in my electronic junk drawer anyway? It’s not electronic or computer-y by any stretch of the imagination. I have a whole different place for pens and other writing instruments. This pen is in the wrong place!

Heavy sigh. Now I have to reorganize everything.


8 responses to “E-junk

  1. XUP – And yet we’ve come such a long way in terms of computers. I remember the first one I ever saw, at the university when I went there on a field trip when I was 12 or 13. It was about the size of a school gym! I don’t recall seeing any cords, but they would have been ginormous, I’m sure.

    bevchen – You didn’t laugh out loud all by yourself, did you? That would signal either some psychological issues or sleep deprivation, I think.

    wenderina – Okay, your comment made me rustle around a little more in my drawer. I found an external hard drive way in the back. I kind-of forgot I had one – or maybe it’s yours?

  2. I have a drawer like that and for 6 months I kept telling my husband that I knew I had put my external hard drive in that drawer but it was gone. After I looked at the drawer for the umpteempth time, it was suddenly visible to me. Funny how the mind and the eyes don’t always work together.

  3. “I’m told that they all make the router do things. Wireless things.”

    This made me laugh for some reason.

  4. Why are computers so messy with all these cords and things? If they can cram 30 different media devices into something the size of a cell phone, why can’t they make a computer that doesn’t take up half your house? (And all of your junk drawer?)

  5. Irene – The only things I regularly use in that drawer are the camera and its memory card reader, and (hopefully, soon) the GPS. Other than that, what is all that crap even doing in there???

    Jazz – Your comment got me searching for my timer. Is it in that drawer? No. It’s in the closet in the basement, all by itself. Maybe I should bring it up so it has some company?

    VioletSky – Yes, thanks. I think I’ll toss a pad of paper in the drawer too, just in case.

  6. You are not ‘incompetent’ and you don’t need to re-organize. That pen is there so that if you need to write down more codes or passwords you won’t have to go searching in two different places.

    Feel better now?

  7. Damn, at least you’re organized. As for programming stuff, I can’t even program the thingy that turns lights on and off. I can’t even remember what it’s called!

    Wait! A timer, it’s a timer isn’t it???

  8. At least you’re that organized. I don’t know that I am. Things are very doubtful around here since the Exfactor moved out. I don’t know where all those kinds of things are. I hope I never run into trouble. I better not do anything out of the ordinary.