Hot stuff

The weather has changed in the past week or so. It’s still fairly sunny, but the temperature has definitely dropped. It’s too cool at night to go out with just a thin sweater. Sandals are becoming a dicey proposition during the day. Tank tops and shorts are no longer appropriate apparel.

imagesIt’s really autumn. I hate to admit it, and the leaves haven’t really started to change colour and fall yet, but it is really autumn.

I’ve been trying to hold out as long as I can before turning up the furnace, though. My TV room is in my basement, and it’s always just a bit cool down there, so I have a small oil space heater. I turned that on the other day, to a very low temperature, just to take the chill off. But my furnace, no. Not yet. When I do turn it up, that means that it’s practically winter. Time for ski jackets and thick gloves and scarves. And, because this is the Wet Coast of Canada, it’s also serious umbrella time. That, I’m hoping to stave off.

So I’ve been bundling up a little in the house for several days now. I’m now wearing socks more often than not, as well as long-sleeved tops. I’ve been known to pull on a sweater in the evenings. But I won’t turn up the furnace until I absolutely have to. Like when there are icicles dripping from my nose, maybe.

Now, Darling Daughter spends much time in her office upstairs. This is because she is usually studying and doing homework (Did I ever tell you that she decided to head back in school, even though she’s a recent university graduate? She’s now taking a two-year professional writing course, with the ultimate goal of someday getting a job that entails using her writing talents – but NOT journalism, no way, says she! Actually, I think my offspring just likes being a student. But anyway…)

So DD was up in her office late yesterday afternoon, working away – I think. She could be simply texting her friends or downloading porn for all I know (I don’t keep that close a watch on her, after all!), but suddenly she came downstairs, shivering. I was starting to make dinner. She came up to me and snuggled in for a hug.

“I’m so c-c-cold!” she moaned. “Can’t we turn the furnace on? Please?”

images-1She was all wrapped up in several sweaters, so I couldn’t just tell her to put on another one. I don’t think she even has any more sweaters. So I went over to the thermostat to check the temperature reading.

It was below 20 degrees Celsius, maybe 17 or so. That was too cold, for sure. I was about to give in and turn the thermostat up – then I stopped.

“Hey DD,” I said. “You know there’s electric heat in all the bedrooms, right? You know you can control your own heat up there, right? You know if I turn up the furnace that it’ll only heat down here and not upstairs, right?”

DD looked at me blankly for a second.

“Right,” she murmured.

She turned and went back upstairs, as silent as could be.

I hope she got warm eventually.


7 responses to “Hot stuff

  1. bevchen – I think your climate is pretty similar to mine here. November, huh? We’ll see who can hold out the longest, you or me!

    VioletSky – Yes, I’ve had to close my windows too. But our leaves here haven’t changed colour yet and are still very attached to the trees. I think this means that you get autumn before we do, regardless of what the calendar says.

  2. Today it has been seriously raining the whole day (after a month of sunshine) and I suddenly started feeling cold and miserable.Had to close the windows. And just now, on the weather, I heard that the colours are almost a their peak and the wind and rain is knocking them off the trees. But they only started turning this week. Does this mean it’ll be winter next week ? XUP, don’t use that S word yet, it’s too soon.

  3. It’s getting cold here as well. I refuse to turn on the radiators yet though. Not until at least November!

  4. Irene – You and I seem to know how to keep warm. Maybe it’s our age??

    Jazz – I hate paying those high energy costs too, but I doubt my neighbour’s heat passes sideways through our shared wall. Too bad!

    XUP – Yes, but it’s far more damp here than in Eastern Canada. I was in Québec for Carnaval a couple of years ago, and I was amazed that it was actually far easier to keep warm in temps so much lower than I’m used to. It may be warmer here, but the rain just seeps into my bones about the end of October and stays there till April, keeping me not-very-comfortable.

  5. Those Vancouverites are such whimps, aren’t they Jazz? If you’re still able to wear sandals outside and only have to resort to a “thin sweater in the evenings” it’s not cold enough for the furnace yet. I haven’t even thought about the furnace yet and it’s been under 10 degrees most of the week. And there are little snowflurry things on the weather picture for today. I’m sure it’s a mistake

  6. 9 degrees in Montreal today. As a MAXIMUM!! That seriously sucks. I haven’t turned on the heat yet either, since it hasn’t gone below 20 so far – I suppose the neighbors are heating and keeping us warm. Go on people, crank up your furnaces!!!

    Yah, I’m cheap.

  7. It’s getting cold here to. It will be 15 degrees outside today and raining, but it is still 21 degrees inside the apartment. I too wear sweaters and boots, not summer shoes and sandals. And I wear a leather jacket when I go out. But I don’t turn the furnace on. It’s too warm inside for that. Maybe when it gets down to 18 degrees I will, but I’m a penny pincher and I’d rather be a little cold than pay money to the energy company. I’ll wear more sweaters and socks, just like you.