Cleaning lady

I haven’t been able to set up my classroom prior to the start of school, due to circumstances beyond my control. My mom has just moved into a lovely, clean, well-maintained condo. What do these two events have in common? Well, oddly enough, they’ve combined to make me want to clean my house.

images-2So today I got busy.

I vacuumed. I do not like vacuuming. I try to cajole DD into doing it, and although she did do it out of the goodness of her heart last week, she usually weasels out of it. But today, she was at work, so if it was going to get done, I was going to have to do it. So I did. But I forgot to do the basement TV room.

I finally washed the damn kitchen floor. And all the stairs. I have been putting this off for months, but when DD actually noticed how dirty the floor was and mentioned something about it needing a wash, I realized that I would have to quit whining and just do it. And it wasn’t so bad. But I’m not doing it again till next summer. It’s just not a priority. Till my feet start sticking to the floor.

I took down my curtains and washed them. That is definitely unusual behaviour around here. They probably didn’t really need it, since I think I might have washed them sometime last winter. Or the winter before that.

I also wiped down the mini-blinds in my bedroom as best I could. I never do a really good job, but they were filthy, since the window has been open all summer. Again, this is one of those jobs that I hate, so I avoid doing it. And I only did the mini-blinds in my bedroom. Because I’m thinking of getting new ones with wider slats anyway. For three years I’ve been thinking about it.

I did three loads of laundry. DD often does this, but I actually don’t mind doing laundry. What I mind is folding the clean, dry laundry and putting it away. How can two females generate so bloody much laundry anyway?? I just DID laundry a couple of days ago! I need a laundry fairy. Or more clothes.

I washed dishes. I know, I know – I have a dishwasher, but this was plastic containers and frying pans and stuff that I don’t put in the dishwasher. It’s been accumulating for a while. I’ll just leave it at that. A while.

I scrubbed three bathrooms. Usually DD does her own bathroom, but hey, I was on a roll. But I skipped cleaning the mirrors. I am awful at cleaning mirrors. I have been known to leave them streakier and spottier than when I started. It doesn’t seem to matter what product I use, either. I just cannot get the hang of it. Darn. And I really want to clean mirrors. Very badly want. Oh, double darn.

images-3DD will be home soon. I’ll get her to finish up the dusting because I’m tired now. I’ve worked very hard. There’s vodka in the freezer and cranberry juice in the fridge. It’s time to reward myself.


13 responses to “Cleaning lady

  1. Jazz – Are you sure you would be okay with me not actually completing any of the cleaning jobs I started? Like only vacuuming half the house, or wiping only one of the mini-blinds? Apparently I lose focus and just can’t clean thoroughly.

    hannah – Alcoholic icing on cupcakes is a fabulous reward for cleaning! Or even THINKING about cleaning.

  2. Wow! Go Pinklea! I cleaned part of the living room and kitchen this weekend and rewarded myself with cupcakes. (There was booze in the icing though! Shh! ;))

  3. That’s wonderful, now come do my place. There’s a cosmo in it for you – or even two or three!!!

  4. Holy crap, you certainly DESERVE that drink… and since I love cranberries, do you want company? I mean, since your home is all clean and ready for guests…. 😉

    • Maureen – Sure, come on over and join the crowd. We’ll have appetizers and we’ll get DD to keep the drinks coming so don’t even have to get up!

  5. You’re supposed to dust before you do all that other stuff. Tsk tsk. What I tell my daughter is to do a little tidying/cleaning every day and then you’ll never find yourself in a situation of having to spend hours at it

    • XUP – I read somewhere sometime (Ann Landers’ column maybe?) that it really doesn’t matter which you do first, dusting or other stuff. Either way, the house gets cleaned. Normally I do keep up with it all (especially tidying up clutter. I abhor clutter!), but I have let things slide a bit this summer. Back to the regular routine now!

  6. I can wash mirrors okay, but I have a heck of a time with windows. I never get them right and I’ve given up on them. Washing floors is also not my favorite job, so I say you deserve those cocktails. I wish I could come and join you…

    • Irene – I’ll save a cocktail for you. And aren’t you glad that I finally washed that stupid floor and now you don’t have to hear about it any more?!

  7. leave some for me – I’ll be right over.
    washed my windows today (Sat) and am so damn proud of myself. the blinds are still , er, dusty, so they are pulled up to admire the windows.

    I love microfibre clothes, they work wonders on windows and mirrors, too.

    • VioletSky – You very definitely deserve a vodka and cranberry juice. Washing windows is a big chore. I did it once. Once in the six years that I have lived here.

  8. Cleaning…


    Vodka and cranberry juice…