What’s up doc?

imagesI went to my doctor for my annual physical last week. Except it wasn’t my regular doctor, who’s been on some kind of extended leave since last spring and won’t be back till mid-September. I actually had two people examining me: the nurse who used to just do the blood pressure check, and the substitute doctor. Strength in numbers, I suppose.

I’m not sure what exactly the nurse’s position is now. I asked her if she was a nurse-practitioner now, but all she said was that she was going to enter all my information into the computer, check my blood pressure, height and weight, and do the breast exam and the internal. Oh. Do we know each other well enough for that?

Anyway, it turns out that I have gained 3.5 kilos in the past year. Yes. That is almost 8 pounds. 10 pounds is a whole size. This would explain why my favourite shorts, my only pair of beige summer pants, my denim capris, my slinky electric blue dress no longer fit. I can’t even button up the damn dress any more!

Also, I am now shrinking. I always thought that I measured just over 5’4” (162 centimetres). I am now just over 5’3″ (160 centimetres). Has my bad posture finally caught up to me? Has gravity increased recently? Is this even supposed to happen?? I’m not a senior citizen yet, for heaven’s sake!

All depressed, I went home and immediately started back on Weight Watchers (the easy pinklea version: no meetings, just write down the points value of everything you eat, drink oceans of water, and pee pee pee constantly). I’m proud to say that in a week, I’ve lost 4 and a half pounds! I know at this point that it’s only water, but it’s a great start, and the rest of the weight should come off in another couple of weeks if I keep following the regime. And I will. I know how to lose weight (and gain it too, it seems).

But I have absolutely no idea what to do about my diminishing height.


10 responses to “What’s up doc?

  1. I usually have to check my license to see what my height is in centimetres. Either I was dreaming, or estimated badly (I’m bad at math), or I have also shrunk. But yes, yoga will stretch your spine – and make you stand straighter and therefore taller. But only if you keep at it.

    • VioletSky – I did do yoga for a few months about twenty years ago. I didn’t keep it up (obviously), but I don’t exactly remember why. If someone had told me then that if I continued, I wouldn’t lose some of my precious height twenty years down the road, I think I would have simply laughed. But I might have continued the class – just in case!

  2. Kevin – I hope you’re talking about platform shoes and not orthopedic ones, because I’m thinking it would be really hard to find stylish orthopedic shoes. And BTW, thanks for visiting!

    hannah – I thought I WAS getting enough dairy: I eat lots of low-fat yogourt and cheese, drink skim milk, and take a calcium supplement every day. I must remember to ask the doctor why this might have happened next time I’m in.

  3. Congrats on losing 4 and a half pounds! That’s great! As for shrinking…weird..Maybe you’re not getting enough dairy.

  4. Buy a series of shoes with increasingly thicker and thicker soles. That should even out your height with no one even noticing.

  5. Ha! Well once you lose weight, proportionally you’ll LOOK taller, no?


    Okay, maybe not. Better get to yoga.

    • Maureen – You’ve got a good point. Besides, most people think I’m taller than I actually am anyway (due to years of being a toe-walker as a child, plus I almost never wear completely flat shoes).

  6. Jazz – That might work – if only I could figure out how to get up there in the first place.

    Wenderina – Are you kidding me? Yoga will do that? Is there documented proof of this? If yoga works, I’d better sign up a.s.a.p!

  7. Yoga. Believe it or not it’s relaxing, kind of cool, and stretches your spin…thereby increasing your height. And you thought there was no real answer to that! (of course high heels are easier)

  8. Maybe you can hang yourself from a doorway by your feet and streeeeeeeeeeeetch yourself out?