School dazed

I had a bad dream last night. I dreamed I was in school, in a classroom that was an amalgamation of the new classroom I am moving into for real, the old classroom that I moved out of in June, and what we used to call the “activity room” at the elementary school that I attended about a thousand years ago.

In my dream, I was trying to put all my teaching supplies away, in a room with far too little storage space (which is actually true: my new classroom has about one quarter of the shelf space that I used to have. This is most emphatically NOT good.). Kids kept coming into my room with science and socials projects, English and French and math assignments to do (again, this is actually a real part of my teaching job). They kept coming and coming, and all my tables and chairs and desks were full of kids and their stuff, and miraculously, more tables and desks kept appearing for them all. And the kids got more and more unruly, and I was less and less able to control them, and I just really wanted to put my own things away because it was only the first day of school anyway. I kept yelling at the kids, and trying to get them to leave, or at least settle down, but nothing worked. Then the bell rang and the kids left my room anyway, still noisy and poorly behaved. They actually laughed at me and my pathetic attempts to discipline them. In my dream, I burst into tears as I shut the door behind them. images

Then I woke up. With a headache.

Yes, the new school year begins in 15 days. Do ya think I’m looking forward to it???


10 responses to “School dazed

  1. My sister is a teacher. I admire you all. That is a career I could never do. I enjoy hiding in my office all by myself…

    • Maureen – Yeah, but does your sister also have anxiety-filled nightmares about going back to work after vacation? That’s definitely one teaching “perk” that they don’t tell you about!

  2. zed – You also get your school holidays spread out more throughout the year rather than mostly in one big chunk in the summer. THAT would be a blessing too!

    XUP – It certainly felt like that when I was just a baby teacher. Now? It’s pretty much a job that, fortunately, I still really enjoy.

  3. Being a teacher must be a lot like having to give a performance day after day after day. I’d be anxious ALL the time.

  4. If you were here, you’d be starting either next Tuesday, or in my children’s cases, next Friday (4/09/09)….

    There are blessings somewhere – you just have to find them!

  5. Irene – Thanks for the vote of confidence! Still, I’m planning to go in a few days before the school actually opens so that I can put all my things away in peace.

    Nora – You know, I was hoping that there might be some sex involved there too. Isn’t Freud big on that too?

    Jazz – True. I’d forgotten that. But then I’d just be having bad dreams earlier in August, wouldn’t I?

    wenderina – But isn’t two weeks a little early to start anxiety dreams? I was thinking that the night before school starts might be a more reasonable timeframe.

  6. Classic anxiety dream. Welcome to my world.

  7. Look at the bright side, if you were here, you’d be starting on Thursday!

  8. Well, as I guess you realize, you’ve got Mr Freud to thank for that bad dream (nightmare?)! In his view, of course, it’s all to do with “wish-fulfillment” — an attempt by the unconscious to resolve a conflict of some sort, whether something recent or something from the recesses of the past .

    In your case, I guess you’ll know if that conflict’s been “resolved” in 15 days’ time…! Good luck!

  9. Poor you, I sense a lot of anxiety there, but I bet you’re actually one heck of a teacher and you’re not going to have any problems at all. I tell you, I couldn’t do the job and I admire those who can.