One ringy-dingy …

DSCN0817I think I should get a new mobile phone. My phone is so old it doesn’t even have a camera! (I don’t think phones should have cameras anyway, but the fact remains that pretty much all phones now have cameras and mine does not.) I cannot connect to the Intarnets on it, nor can I play music. There are only three stupid little games on it, and all three are so low tech as to be ridiculous (and I also can’t figure out how to play two of them). I have call waiting, but I disabled it because I don’t know how to work it. I have trouble turning the phone on and off because the power button doesn’t seem to connect to whatever it is that it needs to connect with inside to make it do something. It’s really difficult to find information about my phone on-line because Motorola doesn’t make it any more, so who would need to know anything about it now? About all I can do with my phone is make and receive calls. If I’ve succeeded at turning it on.

So, I think I should get a new mobile phone.

PG is not at all sure about this. You see, I am no longer permitted to touch his phone. He watches me carefully whenever I pick up my own phone. This is all because of a small incident several years ago, with his brand new mobile phone.

He was showing this brand new mobile phone to me, and I said, “But why does it show your name when you turn it on?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “That’s just what the guy at the shop made it do.”

“But that’s stupid!” I exclaimed. “You know your name, you don’t have to be reminded of it every time you open up your phone!”

Now it must be said that PG truly doesn’t care about petty little details like this. Live and let live, is his motto (well, that and ‘Go Speed Racer go’). Me, I care. Details matter to me. And this was a detail that bugged me.

So I offered to try to get rid of his name on his phone screen. I figured the date and time should be good enough. PG, to his eventual everlasting horror, said, “Go for it.”

So I tried. Oh, I tried. I punched every button on that phone that could conceivably have anything to do with changing that screen, several times over, in various combinations, and many buttons that probably didn’t. I worked at it so long that finally I could punch no more buttons. Well, I could, but absolutely nothing happened. The phone did nothing. I had somehow turned it off and locked it. It was impossible to unlock it and turn it back on. I froze it solid.

I was mortified. PG had had the phone for maybe two days, and now he couldn’t use it any more. Because of me and my meddling. And he needed it for work the next morning.

I offered to let him use my phone until he got his working again, but he good-naturedly said, that he’d be fine, don’t worry about it, he’d figure it out. I still felt awful.

I later found out that he ended up bringing the phone back to the shop where he’d purchased it. He explained that “somebody” had punched a lot of buttons on it and now the phone was locked. They said, no problem, and proceeded to try to unlock it. They couldn’t. Oh, they said. This phone is really locked. Could he leave the phone with them? It was obviously going to take longer than anticipated to unlock that phone. So he left it there.

It took them two days to get that phone unlocked and operational. And PG’s name stayed on the screen, along with the date and time.

And I am no longer allowed to touch PG’s phone.

So maybe I shouldn’t get a new mobile phone for myself?


10 responses to “One ringy-dingy …

  1. This totally cracked me up. My hubby knows I dove in the pool with my phone in my pocket AND left our new digital camera in the garden before a rainstorm. He’s none too happy with me touching his toys either.

  2. When my boyfriend got his phone he specifically bought one that’s meant for business people. It’s just a phone… no camera. There are a few games on it (like 3 I think) but no camera..

    I also have a phone that they don’t make any more, but mine still works so no need not to keep it. Mine’s a Nokia and I love it.

    • Bevchen – I didn’t know about phones meant for business only! That’s what I would like – I’ll have to see what exists here in Canada along those lines. Thank you for the info!

  3. Yeah, it is hard to get a cell phone that is simply a phone. I don’t really want all those extra features. Especially the different languages. Once, with a new phone, I was playing around with it and wondered what “Russian” would look like…

    I finally had to slink back to the store to have it converted back to “English”.

  4. I must admit I LOVE my Blackberry… I never thought I would use it so much. Very handy when travelling.

    But don’t let ME talk you into anything…. 😉

    • Maureen – I have actually been starting to research Blackberries. And iPhones. But they’ve all got so much I could break on them – it could be dangerous for me to have something so complicated!

  5. I think you shouldn’t even bother getting a new phone. The one you have does all you need it for. A new one would just confuse you and get your dander up. It will give you hours of frustration. Do like I do and keep your minimal phone and love it to pieces.

    • Jazz – Ohhh. The manual. I guess I should keep those, shouldn’t I?

      Irene – You’re right, and that’s what I want to do. However, there’s that little matter of the power button not working very well any more, so I fear that one day it won’t work at all, and then I will be mobile phone-less. And that, I don’t think I can do!

  6. If you get a phone just find the on/off button and stick with that.

    Or read the manual. But where’s the fun in that?