I don’t get it!

You know about checking to see which of your posts are the most popular? It’s kind of like googling your own name, I think: everybody does it, but few people admit to it.

Well, I do it and I admit to it. And just for the record, apparently I do not exist in Google-land, only in the Blogosphere and in my own imagination. And it seems that my most popular post is the one I wrote about PG’s new pet name for me, Donkey.

I have no idea why this is. I have no idea why so many people google donkeys in the first place. I also have no idea how that particular post on my blog comes up when people do google donkeys. I’ve tried it. My blog did not come up. There were over 100 pages of donkey references, but my blog did not come up. So I am truly mystified.

DSCN0815 DD finds this incredibly amusing. This whole donkey thing tickles her fancy so much that on our recent trip to Greece, she bought me this small stuffed donkey in Santorini. She MADE me choose one – and threatened that she would choose one for me herself if I didn’t.


The Santorini donkeys are actually quite famous, so she also fell all over herself with glee when we came upon these two fellows in the village of Pyrgos. I consider myself fortunate that she didn’t make me sit on one for the photo.

PG also thinks this donkey business is hilarious. He figures that he is now a major trendsetter. Calling me Donkey has given him his fifteen minutes of fame. He will not let me forget this. He also met us at the airport with this sign:DSCN0816

And I have now given search engines another of my blog posts to connect with searches incorporating donkeys. You’re welcome.


18 responses to “I don’t get it!

  1. Everyone loves donkeys. We bought one to serve as a companion to our quarter horse (a donkey being a lot easier and cheaper to maintain than a second horse) and people who work in the business park behind our property bring their kids up on the weekend to visit the donkey through the fence. One day care center in our neighborhood actually arranged a hayride for its tiny clients. Their destination? Our front yard where they stopped so the children could wave at the horse and the ever more popular donkey.

    • Acuair – There is something very sweet and approachable about donkeys, for sure, and I do actually like them. I didn’t know that they were such good companions to horses, though.

  2. Bevchen – I got exactly the same results as you on Google here. And why would anyone search “pink donkey” anyway? 😉

    Hannah – I really enjoyed meeting you guys too! How on earth did we ever find so much to talk about?? And yes, I will definitely look you up the next time I’m in your fair city.

  3. LOL. Well there are worse words that can lead people to your blog. Donkeys are cute and yes Eeore is awesome!

    It was great meeting you the other day and thanks again for the lift to Granville Island. If you’re ever in Ottawa, let me know and we can hang out.:)

  4. Pinklea donkey is the first result on google uk… well, the first after the “did you mean pink donkey” bit that gives you 2 hits of pink donkey anyway.

  5. Maureen – According to PG, I may be cute but I’m also stubborn and pig-headed. (Is that bad?)

  6. Awwww… the donkey is cute, so you must be too! Yes, that has to be the reason for the nickname 😉

  7. Hmmm, interresting. I just tried googling pinklea donkey and got… nada. where are you in the blogosphere??

    I still get found from a post I did a year ago that included the words naked and dew, but nothing comes up when I google those words either.

    So let’s see what happens now

    • VioletSky – Well, I tried googling “pinklea donkey” and there I was. Then I tried “naked dew” and your post was the 6th one to come up. I guess Google is not infallible after all, if we get different results!

  8. hjernefjert – Just one of the public services offered here at pinklea. Hope you find yourself!

    choochoo – It’s amazing what you can learn on-line these days, isn’t it? Now go google yourself (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!).

  9. I didn’t know about the google thing. I’m stunned. There’s this whole aspect of self-absorbancy (if that’s a word) that I’ve completely missed out on :O

  10. *GASP* Why haven’t anyone ever told me about this google-thing before now??? I’m off to nurture my inner narsissist! Or however you spell that…

  11. That stuffed donkey is incredibly cute!!

    Eeyore is a donkey. And I love Eeyore 🙂

    The most popular search term for my blog is “things to do when you are bored” plus several variations thereof. I’ve also had a few people find me with the question “what year was I born in?” Like I would know!

    • Bevchen – It was definitely the cutest donkey in the shop (some were HUGE and rather ugly, I thought). And isn’t it nice to know that your blog serves such a noble purpose as to save people from their boredom??

  12. Ya, that won’t work. I had a million hits on a post where I mentioned lambourghini’s, but when I tried to insert the word a another post later on (just to see what would happen), nothing happened. But let me know if you get a million hits on this donkey post, too, eh?

    • XUP – Yes, I remember that on your blog – it was kind of funny! I think I would rather get hits because of lambourghinis rather than donkeys (seems a little more my style – you know, cars and all), but that does not seem to be my lot in the blogosphere. But yes, I will keep checking my stats.

  13. But why did he have to pick donkey? Why not some other cute animal like a chipmunk or a baby deer? He could have called you Bamby, or is that name socially incorrect?

    • Irene – He says it’s because I’m stubborn (is that a bad thing, I wonder?) and claims that donkeys ARE cute and cuddly. Oh well, as others have pointed out, you don’t get to choose your own nickname.