Lagging behind …

Jet lag sucks. Really a lot. Especially when you live in the Pacific Time Zone, regardless of whether it’s daylight savings or standard time.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been living in a time zone ten hours ahead of what I am used to. Going there was just fine, since we arrived in the early evening. We were able to just settle in the hotel room and crash, then wake up (fairly) normally the next morning.

But coming home is more and more of an adjustment every time. We arrived home late in the evening Pacific Time, so you would think that after being up for around 24 hours straight, I would have hit the bed and slept the sleep of the dead.



I awoke at 1:30 am. Then again at 4:30 am. At which point I realized that I was not going to beat this immediately, so I got up, went downstairs and made coffee. DD arrived downstairs shortly afterward, as discombobulated as I.

I got through the day, all the way to 10 pm. I shall sleep well now, I thought, as I plumped my pillows and nestled in.


I awoke at 5:30 am. Better, but not the best. I got up, went downstairs and made coffee. DD joined me shortly afterwards.

Again, I got through the day, but now I was noticing all sorts of aches and pains and even some dizziness. This makes sense, I said to myself as I crawled into bed at 10 pm, you are still recovering from the time change. And also, don’t forget, self, that you put your back out somehow while in Crete, so although it is better, you still do need to visit the chiropractor. So make that appointment tomorrow – and have a good sleep tonight.


I awoke at 6:30 am. Again, some improvement noted, but more is necessary. And again, more aches and pains. But this time, I was able to drift back to sleep until 9 am. Which may not have been a good idea, since my back is aching even more. (Yes, the chiropractor appointment has been made for later this afternoon.) DD, on the other hand, went downstairs and made the coffee at 6 am. Which also meant that by the time I got myself to the kitchen, there wasn’t much left – and it was getting cold already.

And so the past several days have gone for me. Maybe I’ll get a restful sleep tonight? Maybe the back adjustment will help?

Jet lag sucks. Or did I already say that? I can’t remember things really well right now …


6 responses to “Lagging behind …

  1. Hmmm, maybe you forgot to eat, too??
    The jetlag will be forgotten in no time, the trip will be remembered for a long time.

    • VioletSky – No, no, I did eat. I almost always eat! I never drink alcohol when I fly, however – doesn’t mix well with all those decongestants. And you’re right: the jetlag will pass, the memories won’t!

  2. You’re not seriously expecting sympathy from those who didn’t go to Greece recently, are you? 😉

    Jetlag – kind of feels like being run over by a truck, doesn’t it? I’ve heard good things about melatonin for re-setting your Circadian rhythms, but it’s too late for this trip.

    Just be thankful you didn’t have a sinus infection at the same time…

    • Ricardipus – I know, I’m a big fat whiny baby, aren’t I? But I do have sinus issues when I fly, especially when the plane is descending. And unlike you that particular time (sounds like it was horrible!), I take copious amounts of decongestant (like every two hours starting before I even get to the airport) and that mostly keeps that searing pain in check. Of course, that also means that I can’t really sleep on the flight, but if the choice is painfree or tired, I’ll take painfree every time.

  3. I feel your pain, I’ve had the same problem every time I’ve been to Asia or Australia – it usually takes ma 2 weeks to get over it…

    Luckily most of Europe is just six hours from us on the east coast – which means about a week…

    Jet lag does indeed suck, but at least it doesn’t take months to get somewhere anymore…

    • Jazz – Two weeks of this??? Gaaahhh!!! Oh, to be in my late teens or early twenties again – it only took me a couple of days to readjust back then!