Have a look at these two suitcases. DSCN0811 Pretty nondescript, ordinary suitcases, wouldn’t you say? (Except maybe for the pink poodle nametag on the red one, I mean.) But my point is that they look like two very regular, not-at-all out of the ordinary pieces of luggage.

If you thought that, you would be wrong.

No, these two suitcases are actually International Suitcases of Mystery. They are secret agents. They are swift, deadly, and strike without warning. It is impossible to tell what they will do next, or where they will be found.

Ah … there’s that word. “Found”. Goes with “lost”, doesn’t it.

Yes, my friends, these two suitcases accompanied DD and I to Greece and Istanbul. We were under the mistaken impression that it would be perfectly safe to travel with them. We were wrong.

You see, these two suitcases disappeared on us. Twice. They did not arrive with us in Athens at the beginning of our vacation. They did not arrive with us in Vancouver at the end of our vacation. They took off on their own, to do their nefarious work, whatever that might have been. Travelling with us was just a cover for their own secret agenda.

Oh, they did return to us, all right. The red one casually reappeared at our Athens hotel at 6 pm the next day, the blue one strolled in five hours later. They coolly waltzed in the front door together two days after DD and I came home ourselves, with nary an explanation on their lips (or their zips).

And we cannot ask them anything about their whereabouts or activities. Because if we did, and they told us, then they might have to kill us.


6 responses to “Espionage?

  1. This post actually made me laugh out loud. Good job I’m alone!

    • Bevchen – It actually wasn’t that funny the first time, as you can imagine, but the second time was just so absurd that all we could do was laugh!

  2. Jazz – And no one would know a thing about it, would they? This blog post would mysteriously disappear!

    VioletSky – So you’re saying that I actually need to unpack now?

    Ricardipus – So far, all that I’ve noticed is two missing zipper tags. I suppose I should slit the linings to check thoroughly.

  3. I would be most interested to know if (a) anthing went missing, or (b) anything unusual appeared in them. Those suitcases could have been smuggling just about anything into Canada, couldn’t they?

  4. and we need to hear the tales and see the photos first and… oh wait, were our presents in there??

  5. And the last thing you want is to be assassinated by a red suitcase with a pink poodle tag.