Back in 3 weeks

Just in case anyone is wondering, I’m on vacation for a while. For three weeks. Almost three weeks. (Hey, there’s actual vacation time, travel time there and back, jet lag recovery time, holy-crap-have-I-got-a-tonne-of-laundry-and-housecleaning-to-do time … it all adds up, you know!)


Anyway, I will return to blog again, so don’t miss me too much. Maybe I’ll bring you a present.

(PS – Happy Canada Day!)


6 responses to “Back in 3 weeks

  1. Happy Belated Canada Day! ( I was bad and spent it in the USA).

    Have a great trip!!!!

  2. You went away before I could post this special pinkea photo theme (03/07/09). It’ll wait til you return with my present.

  3. Late Happy Canada Day et bonne voyage!

  4. Have a great holiday!

  5. Enjoy yourselves. Turkish Delight.

  6. Have a great time, eat some double pistachio loukoum for me and buy yourself a pashmina in Istanbul.