It was the last day of school yesterday. The kids weren’t there, only us teachers. We all had to organize our classrooms for the janitors to do their big year-end cleaning, as well as clean up designated areas of the school, like the gym equipment room or the art room.

I’m changing classrooms for next September, so I have also been taking boxes over to my new (smaller) classroom all week. Yesterday was the day to unpack and store all my stuff in its new home – only my new classroom has a lot less storage space than my old one had. I ended up just leaving a number of boxes sitting on tables, waiting for September. I know some teachers will show up next week to continue their cleanup, but I won’t. I’ll come in a couple of (unpaid) days early in September and finish up.

So, yesterday, I had to move my computer and its desk, a shelf unit, several stacks of chairs and tables, two small bookshelves, as well as unpack a whole bunch of boxes – and there are still more boxes to empty. It’s quite amazing to see all that I have accumulated in four years at this school! I tried to rearrange the furniture in the room as best I could, but I have to say that I’m not entirely satisfied with what I’ve done so far. I’ll have to redo it, I know. I’m kind of fussy about things like that, but I’ll know when it’s right. Feng shui is important.


But all that moving stuff around is NOT good for gel nails.

You can’t really tell in these crappy photos, but I broke two nails on my right hand. I think my thumbnail on my left hand is ready to pop off, too.

Yep, that was 26$ well-spent for those gel nails. Every two weeks yet.

Good thing I already have an appointment booked with my nail lady for next Tuesday.


10 responses to “Nailed

  1. I plan my manicures and pedicures very carefully for when I have no work planned. No one gets a massage the day after my manicure – I display them on bistro tables around a stem glass instead.

    • VioletSky – You have such a sense of style! I’ll bet you drape yourself artfully over a chaise longue when you get a pedicure, just for display purposes as well. I could learn from you …

  2. I got a manicure recently and it really didn’t last very long and it didn’t seem to be worth the money. They should start making cement or super glue manicures. LOL

    • Hannah – I think with manicures, it really depends upon the kind of nails you have in the first place. Mine are crappy, so like you, a manicure doesn’t seem to last very long for me. That’s why I like my gel nails, because they’re too hard and thick to damage easily (except for when you’re moving boxes and furniture and the edge catches and the tip breaks off!)

  3. What are “gel nails”??? I have nails that grow and once a week I cut them short. My mother thinks I’m not a real girl

    • XUP – I’m jealous of anybody with real, hard nails! Mine are so soft, layer very easily, and I also nibble and pick at them. Hence, the fake gel nails. My real nail gets roughed up with a special file, then a little plastic nailtip is glued on the end. Because I like the look of a French manicure, a line of white is painted at the edge of the tip. A transparent liquid gel is painted over top of this, and it cures under ultraviolet light for a minute or so. It gets filed rough again, then more gel is layered on, then it cures under the light again. Et voilà! Perfectly fake nails!

  4. I don’t clean much, so I would be okay, wouldn’t I?

    • Irene – You would definitely be just fine. Now go! Get yourself some gel nails, then you’ll have a great reason to not clean.

  5. Note to self: cleaning and gel nail do not mix well.

    • Jazz – Obviously, I need to get myself some “people” to clean and move stuff for me. I’d rather have gel nails anyway.