Frequent flyer

A week from today, DD and I shall be on a plane heading to Athens. The one in Greece. The ancient city one. imagesFrom the west coast of Canada, it’s going to take almost 15 hours to get there (almost 20 hours, if you count connection time, but I’m not going to. That’s too depressing.).

We have to take three separate flights to get there. We have to take three separate flights to get back home again. In between we will take a few bus trips, an overnight ferry ride, and two more flights. All this in 18 days.

All this because DD has graduated from university (with a very high GPA, too, said her proud mama) and when I offered her a grad trip, she chose Greece. I agreed, then suggested Istanbul too, seeing as how we’d practically be already there. That’s the two extra flights in between getting there and going home: a flight of less than an hour from Crete back to Athens, then another just a bit longer than an hour to Istanbul.

That’s eight flights within eighteen days. That’s also a problem. I often, though not always, suffer from incredible sinus pain whenever I’m in a descending plane, and it’s gotten worse every year. The only way to curb it is drugs. images-1 Copious amounts, according to the pharmacist I consulted the other day. I should starting taking them a couple of days before flying, he advised, so as to keep those sinus passages open.

“Okay,” I said dubiously. “But what about all the flights I’m taking on this trip?”

He waved his hand dismissively. “It’s probably a good idea to take the pills the whole time you’re away then.”

He handed me a box of fifty tablets. “That should do it.”

As I paid for them, he added this little gem. “And the only problem might be that they’re non-drowsy. You might not sleep very much.”

I might not sleep very much, he said. For eighteen days. But my sinuses will be clear.


5 responses to “Frequent flyer

  1. Bevchen – It’s funny: I didn’t think Greece was ever that high on my list of places to visit, but when DD wanted to go there, I realized that actually it was. Only 5 more sleeps till we leave!

  2. Oooh, totally jealous! I really want to go to Athens!

  3. Belle – I don’t know a single person who’s been to Greece who wouldn’t go back in a heartbeat. I have this feeling that about two days in, whether or not I’m getting any sleep, I’ll be wondering, “Why has it taken me so many years to get my butt to Greece??? I love this place!”

    Irene – Yeah, me and discos. We get along so well. Now, me and bars – that’s a better plan! I wonder how well retsina and Sinutab mix?

  4. If you don’t sleep very much, you will enjoy everything the vacation has to offer, including the nightlife. Just think of all the wonderful bars and discos you will be able to visit. I’m sure that’s high on your list of things to do.

    Sitting on a terrace at night in front of a café is nice too and having a drink or two while you soak up the local flavor and order the odd bit of food.

    You’ll have lots of things to do to fill your sleepless time.

  5. I lived in Greece for many years. The pain should be worth the gain. You will love it!