Porsche Guy and I went out for breakfast this morning, to our favourite little breakfast place. We go there quite often, because we like the food, it’s good value for the money, and it’s a one-of-a-kind family-type restaurant. We mainly go there quite often because PG doesn’t always have food in his fridge of the kind that I would deign to eat for breakfast.

He had a huge waffle, scrambled eggs and sausages. I had French toast, bacon and lots of coffee. The bill came to about 15$. Cheap for a good amount of food (meaning I was stuffed, he was “comfortable”).

When the server brought our bill, she said cheerily to PG, “And Happy Father’s Day to you!” images She placed a chocolate bar on the table beside the bill.

PG and I looked at each other. We’d both completely forgotten that it was Father’s Day, which is not entirely surprising since both of our fathers are gone now. But the funny part was that PG has never had children, so he’s not a father.

“Should I tell her and give the chocolate bar back?” he wondered.

A free chocolate bar? Even under false pretenses? Was he kidding??

We ate it.


13 responses to “Non-dad

  1. Free chocolate? Score! Its funny how people assume EVERYONE is a parent and if you aren’t one, constantly ask when you plan on reproducing.

    • Hannah – It’s almost like those of us who have actually done the reproducing thing want everybody else to share in the stress and agony of it all, isn’t it!

  2. Belle – Yep, free chocolate. It seems they’re just handing it out to anybody in Vancouver these days.

    XUP – You shit-disturber, you! Ha ha ha!

  3. It really ticked him off and made him grumpy for the whole 2 weeks we were away – especially because I kept bugging him about it! Ah to be young and carefree.

  4. Did somebody say free chocolate? Which restaurant was that?

  5. Ha ha ha – that would be good! Do you look so much younger than him? When I was 19 I was seeing a much older man and a stewardess came right out and asked him if his daughter (me)wanted a drink as well. Good way to start the holiday!

    • XUP – Well, I do actually look rather young for my age (blush) and people are generally quite shocked when I tell them my real age or that I have a 22-year-old daughter. PG does look more his age, but in actual fact I am almost three years older than him. That’s a funny story about you at 19! What was HIS reaction to that question?!

  6. XUP – Exactly: there was nary a child with us, yet the server assumed he was a dad. Or – and this has just occured to me this very minute – maybe she thought (horrors!) that he was MY dad?!?

  7. How very odd. It’s Father’s Day and a man and a woman are eating breakfast together, alone, without kids in a restaurant and he gets a Father’s Day chocolate bar? I could think of any number of scenarios where such a gesture under such circumstances could touch a raw nerve. Same thing with the flower on Mother’s Day. Oh well, they’re trying to get into the spirit of things, I guess.

  8. VioletSky – I’ve never seen anybody give out any kind of chocolate at all on Father’s Day ever. But yeah, Toblerone would be even better!

    Jazz – You know, I never thought about that mom-and-flower thing till now. Free stuff for all – that’s fair. But you’re right: it should be chocolate for all.

    Irene – Good question (although I actually think Father’s and Mother’s Day are just marketing tools designed to sell, sell, sell and probably shouldn’t even exist anywhere). Still, free stuff is free stuff!

  9. Hey, in Holland we get no chocolates or flowers! How did you guys end up with that tradition?

  10. Well duh…

    And when I went out on Mothers day, I just got a flower. I want chocolate too – even if I’m not a mom.

  11. What an odd freebie! What happened to all those little Toblerone bars – is no-one giving those out anymore?
    Anyway, so you shoud enjoy. Just as I enjoy the free rose (or more usually, carnation) given out on Mother’s Day.