My mom has been on her own for two years now. The rule of thumb (apparently) when your spouse dies is to wait at least a year before making any big decisions, like selling the house and moving to something smaller. My mom has dutifully followed this rule, and for the past year, has been clearing out all the stuff that she no longer needs. My dad was quite the packrat, so there was a LOT of stuff to get rid of in their shed and in their garage.

Then, just a couple of months ago, Mom decided that she’d like to start looking at condos. I took her out to look at a few, and she got quite excited to see what her money might be able to buy her. She asked me to do some research on the interwebs to give her a ballpark figure on what she might get for her house. I thought it might be around 545 000$.

Last week, she called me, all bubbly and pleased with herself. She’d called a realtor. He was going to list her house and help her find the perfect condo. They eventually settled upon a price of 579 000$, but Mom said the realtor thought it more likely that she’d get 550 000$. And then she started to worry.

“What if the house sells right away and I have to be out in July? You and DD will be away and won’t be able to help me move!”

“Mom,” I said patiently, “that’s not going to happen. As the seller, you decide what you want the closing period to be. It’s normally two or three months. Don’t worry about it!”

“And what if I can’t find something I like before I have to move?” she fretted.

“Mom,” I said patiently again, “you’re in charge here. You can have a clause put into your contract that any sale is subject to you finding a suitable condo within whatever time frame you want. Don’t worry about it!”

Still, she agonized. Finally, before the house was formally listed, she expressed all her fears to her realtor, who tried to reassure her by putting all that into their contract. She would not HAVE to go through with any sale unless she found a condo she loved, and she would decide upon the closing date so that DD and I could be home to help her. She still wasn’t quite comfortable with the whole idea, she said, but at least she was able to sleep again.

The house went on the market on Wednesday.

I mentioned to a few people at work this morning, Friday, about how worried my mother was about being forced out of her home in July, without anybody to help her move and without anywhere to go anyway. We all chuckled and shook our heads at her strange thought processes. “Like THAT’S going to happen!” was the general consensus.

imagesMom called me at work at noon. Her first prospective buyers, a young couple, had come through the house with their realtor that morning. They bought it. For 570 000$. The closing date is August 26. Mom is ecstatic. She has two and a half whole months to find her perfect condo.

Do not listen to me. I know nothing about real estate. My mom just may.


7 responses to “Sold!

  1. Ha! So glad everything worked out so well… hope she finds a fantastic condo!

    • Maureen – She knows the features she wants, where she wants to be, and how much she wants to pay. So all her realtor has to do is find it exactly for her. Should be easy – right?!?

  2. Jazz – I’ll add you to Mom’s rapidly-lengthening list of future real estate clients.

    Nora – I would have asked Lola, but it all happened so fast! I’m very much looking forward to her words of wisdom, though.

    Gossamer Woman – I will pass on your good wishes. She sure is lucky. She was planning to go to the local casino today, so let’s hope her luck holds.

    VioletSky – Okay, you can have the July shift, while DD and I are away, but I’m taking August. And thank you so much for the award! My very first in the blogosphere!

  3. So, you need me to come out and hang out in YVR and nosy around a few condos to help her decide? Way to go Mom!

    I have an award for you. Drop by anytime.

  4. Your Mom is a very lucky woman. She got a good price for her house and time to look around for a condo. It couldn’t be better. Congratulate her from me. What a lucky duck!

  5. Pinklea, I think this was really one for Lola’s Lifeline! Glad nonetheless all worked out well. Have a great w/end!

    LOL LOLA:)

    PS Your earlier query to Lola is included in her next advice column!

  6. Whoa. Remind me to call your mom if ever I want to seell