Hunt and gather

DD and I do a lot of walking together. We have wonderful conversations, and we seem to quite enjoy each other’s company. All that mother-daughter together stuff, plus it’s great exercise. Can’t lose, right?

Except for the time DD was wearing her current favourite earrings, the long dangly purply-red ones that she found at a kiosk at her university. We’d only walked for about ten minutes, when she realized, to her horror, that she’d lost one of them.FSCN0785

We stood there on the sidewalk, in the dark of the evening, as she quickly ran through all the places she’d been since the last time that she’d actually noticed that she was wearing both earrings. She came to the inevitable, but hopeless, conclusion that she’d lost it somewhere between the house and where we were currently standing.

“Do you want to backtrack and look for them, or should we just carry on?” I asked her.

She hesitated, torn between the knowledge that she’d likely lost that earring forever and the faint hope that if we hunted in the dark, there was a slim chance we’d find them.

I sighed. “You know you’ll just beat yourself up if we don’t at least look. Let’s go.”

So we backtracked. She took one half of the sidewalk, I took the other. I asked her to place the remaining earring on the ground so we could get an idea of what we might be looking for. I’m not sure if it helped, it was so dark, but we slowly made our way back home, trying to follow the exact route we’d just taken.

And I found the damn earring. It was across the street from our house, a few doors down. I don’t know how I found it, mixed in with leaves and dirt and twigs (there’s a lot of trees along this part of the street). But there it was, shining in the weak light from the streetlamp. DD was ecstatic! She really does love those earrings.

Fast forward several weeks later. DD had bought me two pair of pink earrings at the same kiosk, and I quite like both pairs, even though they’re really nothing special. One is a lighter pink, the other is almost a shade of fucshia. DSCN0786As you probably know, I wear a lot of pink, so I wear both sets of earrings a lot (but not at the same time!).

So what did I do when I went for a solo walk one evening? Yes, I lost one of the earrings. Only, I noticed it missing when I was already more than halfway home, so although I searched valiantly the rest of the way, I didn’t spot it. I couldn’t even remember when the last time I was sure that I had both of them, so I had no way of knowing exactly where to look. I could have lost it at work that day. Or any of twenty places I’d been throughout the day. It was impossible to know.

I went into the house, and told DD my sad story. She commiserated with me, and assured me that she would look for another similar pair the next time she was up at the university. I went into my bedroom to get ready to take a shower, and noticed that the floors badly needed vacuuming. I bent down to pick up a particularly obvious piece of fluff – and it was my earring. Just laying on my bedroom floor waiting for me.

And then it happened again. It was a pair of stud earrings this time, and I lost one. The backing stayed in my ear. This was in my car, a location which does not bode well for finding anything ever. But I found that earring, in a fold of my t-shirt, in just a few minutes.

So if anybody needs an earring found, I am apparently your woman. And all I need in return is your thanks.


10 responses to “Hunt and gather

  1. Fhina – You bet I’m up for it – I’ll try to drop in on my way to Greece next month!

    Fleetwood Mac was just here last month, but sadly, I had no tickets this time. (I have seen them twice before, so I can’t whine TOO much) Stevie had been ill about a week prior and two previous concerts had had to be cancelled, so she was apparently not at her best here. But the show did go on! She’ll be wonderful at Wembley and I’ll look forward to a full report from her #1 fan!

  2. Pink, I love your earrings – A woman after the Woman Of No Importance’s heart – I love pink earrings…

    And I am a dead cert to lose one earring all the time – I break my heart over them, I do…

    I need you here, to find at least 10 earrings…

    Are you up for it, Pinkstress?!

    By the way, I’ve finally managed to get some tickets to see la Stevie at Wembley in the autumn – You can imagine my ecstasy! xxx

  3. We should go into business together. I keep finding engagement rings — not mine (I think I blogged about it once). I already have 5 at home that I just found outside in different places over the years that no one claimed and then last week I found one in the washroom at work. I turned it in, like I usually do when there’s somewhere to turn it into. Someone eventually claimed that one.

  4. Hannah – Those were indeed very cool earrings! But if you lost both of them, I’m afraid I can’t help you. Apparently I only find single earrings.

  5. I’ve lost so many earrings in the past, its embarrassing! My biggest loss was a pair of very cool ‘sword’ earrings. They looked like these:

    I have no idea where they went but they are greatly missed!

  6. Sunday I found an earring that I had lost this winter. Problem is I had thrown away the one I still had a week earlier. Damn, I should have flown you in to hunt it down.

    • Jazz – I hope it wasn’t an expensive earring. So far, I’m only finding the cheap ones, but I will have to stretch my skills eventually anyway, so I certainly would have given it a good try. Especially for a free flight back east!

  7. Ha! Well, it really is an amazing talent you have… If and when I ever wear any earrings again (it has been a long time) I am sure I will be in need of your abilities. I am losing earrings all the time. I think I should just :

    a) buy two identical pairs at a time
    b) pierce one more hole in one ear so I have a place to hang all the singles.

    • Maureen – I actually HAVE bought two identical pairs at a time, and my ears are double-pierced – and STILL I end up with lone earrings. My problem has always been (well, ONE of my problems!) is that I fiddle with my earrings. But I guess it’s not really a problem any more since I’ve developed this amazing super-power of mine!