Dreamy weekend

Let me tell you all about my weekend. You know you’re dying to know. And I, quite honestly, have little else to offer today.

images-1On Saturday morning, DD and I headed out on a shopping expedition. We do this once a year, normally on Good Friday, and normally downtown so we can stay at a fancy hotel and treat ourselves to a nice dinner out as well. We don’t particularly enjoy shopping, either of us, so I suppose the hotel and dinner are like the payoff for going through the agony of a shopping trip. Or else it’s just another way to spend money. Not sure.

Anyway, this year DD was in the throes of her thesis and final exams at Eastertime, so we postponed our shopping till now. And we changed the venue. And we didn’t do the hotel and dinner thing. But it was almost the same.

We arrived home in the late afternoon, laden with full shopping bags and with much smaller bank accounts, and I hurriedly packed an overnight bag so I could head over to Porsche Guy’s place. From there, we headed downtown to finally see “Les Misérables”. PG drove like he stole the car, because he thought we were going to be late, but we arrived with time to spare.

les-miserables-90Holy crap! What an amazing show! I just loved it! (Wow, that’s three exclamation marks in a row. I truly did love it, it seems.) And Irene, I actually understood what what going on the whole time. I never did finish reading the synopsis in the program from last week, but I didn’t need to. It was perfectly clear to me what was happening on stage at all times. PG didn’t have to explain a single thing to me.

The music, and oh, the singing! I’m not really a musical-lover, though I have seen “Cats” and “Spamalot” (the latter on Broadway, no less) and my all-time favourite movie is “Mary Poppins”. Yet I literally left that theatre humming many of the melodies, and I am still humming them several days later. This from a woman who can barely remember the tune of “Happy birthday”.

The fun just continued on Sunday. june05PG and I had tickets to a heritage house tour. This is an event for which people who belong to this heritage society and have renovated their heritage homes (and a heritage home around here is usually only a hundred years old or less. Western Canada is a pretty new part of the world, relatively speaking.) open them to the public. More precisely, to the public who has bought tickets. The owners disappear for the day, and there are numerous volunteers from the heritage society who look after their house while strangers parade through and ooh and aah over everything that has been done to it. I guess it sounds odd, but it really isn’t, and PG and I have been attending this tour for the past six years (well, except for last year because I forgot which date it was scheduled and neglected to buy tickets in time).

Some of the homes we visited were really lovely, with period furniture and beautifully landscaped gardens. Some were a work in progress. One was an apartment that had been rented to an acquaintance of mine over twenty years ago and I had been in it before, so it was great fun to see how the current owners of the building had fixed it up (it was quite a wreck twenty-five years ago, let me tell you! ).

imagesA favourite moment for me came when, in one residence, PG spotted a ceramic sleeping dog in a corner. It looked so real! Then I saw it breathe. And open one eye slowly. It was real. Then I realized what kind of dog it was. “Look!” I called to PG in delight. “It’s a weepette!”

Only people who read Jaywalker’s blog Belgian Waffle would understand that. Nobody else in the room did.

Then we went home and I slept through the Turkish Grand Prix Formula 1 race that PG had recorded. Yes, yes, I know that Jensen Button won. Again. Ho hum. F1 sure is boring this year.

We went out to dinner rather late for a Sunday night, around 9. We had to go out mainly because PG didn’t happen to have any real food around. We had also gone out for breakfast and lunch earlier in the day. Three meals in restaurants in one day = zero cooking = happy me. And I only had to pay once! I arrived home late in the evening, with a doggie bag of leftovers for my lunch at work today. Another win!

Of course, this morning I awoke at the ungodly hour of 5 am, but at least I was singing “I dreamed a dream in time gone by …”


10 responses to “Dreamy weekend

  1. I LOVE nosying around heritage homes! And I loved Les Miz. Saw it many, many years ago. Bought the t-shirt, which was my favourite t-shirt for years and cried for my poor lost Cosette when it disappeared in the laundry.

    AND, I’ll have you know I have read the whole entire book. All of it. Before seeing the stage production. All 1463 pages. Very proud of that, I am.

  2. Maureen – Yes, I’ve read your posts about the Mall of America – something about breakage once upon a time, wasn’t there?!

    Hannah – And lucky you to live in a very historic part of Canada. When I was in Ottawa, I made sure we stayed in a heritage B & B and that we explored some of the older neighbourhoods. Heaven!

  3. Those heritage tours sound really neat. I LOVE historic buildings and houses since they have so much more thought and character put into them then houses these days. Plus, its interesting to hear the stories behind these places.

  4. Aw, so glad you enjoyed the show (finally!)

    And shopping??? Heck ya. DD and me do it up right and head to the Mall of America…

  5. Thanks for the closure.

  6. But what happened to DD? She still had all the agony of shopping but no fun stuff afterwards?

    • XUP – DD got an evening home alone with her beloved laptop, typing who-knows-what to who-knows-who. Then she had to work on Sunday, to earn some more money to offset what she spent the day before.

  7. Any weekend that involves a lot of eating out is a good weekend.