Insurance update

Big news, people! The ratty, dirty, gray Ford Windstar mini-van now has a proper lime green insurance decal on its license plate. As I drove into the school parking lot this morning, I glanced over at it and saw the sticker right away. Lime green is pretty obvious, after all.

So, good job, owner of said mini-van. Only five days late. Five days in which you drove around without insurance. Five days in which you could have been involved in an accident for which you would not have been covered. Or worse: five days in which you could have involved ME in an accident. (I know, I know, it’s not always all about me, but after you’ve been in a major collision and totalled your car, as I have, you tend to look at driving a little differently.)

But I STILL have no idea whose mini-van it is, and this is making me CRAZY. I have to know, because this is a person I want to avoid in future. I figure, if this person can’t get it together to renew their car insurance on time, what else can’t they do? Breathe and drive at the same time? Stay in their lane when driving? Use their signals appropriately?

I really need to know. I’m going to have to stalk that mini-van till I know whose it is. I have three weeks until school is out. Wish me luck.

8 responses to “Insurance update

  1. XUP and Jazz – Okay, okay, point taken! My holiday is due to start in exactly 23 days.

  2. Maybe Mr/Ms Ugly Windstar had renewed the insurance but hadn’t put on the sticker yet… This being said, you are being just a tad obsessive about this…

  3. I ditto Violetsky. Time for a holiday

  4. Gossamer Woman – The only problem I would have with the investigation agency would be that I would probably have to get up early. I don’t do early. That’s also likely why I don’t know who owns that mini-van: they get to work before I do!

    Maureen – And my boss is EXACTLY the type of person who would forget to renew his insurance. He told me the other day that so far this year, he has forgotten both his wife’s and his son’s birthdays.

  5. With your luck, it will turn out to be your boss.

    Nope, sorry. That would be MY luck.

  6. You’re so funny. You need to be a sleuth and have your own investigation agency. You’d be good at it. I do hope you find out who the owner is, because by now you have me curious too. It may be a tall handsome stranger and you could send him my way.

  7. You really, really need that holiday in Greece, don’t you?!

    • VioletSky – You said it! When I’m obsessing over something that really has nothing to do with me, it’s very definitely time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.