Too much!

I have been feeling extremely frazzled lately. I just feel like I have so much to do and no time to do it. And that makes me slightly panicky. And wide awake at 4 am.images-2

There’s a lot of stuff that teachers have to do for year-end, and in my particular role, I have to individually assess a lot of kids. That also means writing reports on each of them, and making the requisite copies. Then there’s the final report cards of the year, which I was informed yesterday, are due in the office in two weeks. I won’t have finished assessing by that time, so how will I write report cards?!

I’m involved in a number of additional activities at work too. There’s a retirement party that I’m helping to organize – and apparently I am supposed to help write a speech and be the MC as well. There’s a thank-you tea for the many parents who give of their time at school to help make it a better place for their kids. (I don’t have to do much for that except lend my good china teapot and later run the dishwasher.) The big school play is coming up, and I’m the official side-curtain-putter-upper. I did this twice today, mainly because I put them in the wrong place at first since it seems that I am an airhead who doesn’t listen when people tell her exactly where to put things and also doesn’t remember exactly what she did the year before. Sports Day is quickly approaching – not sure what I’ll be requested to do that day, but it will be something, I’m certain.

It also looks like I’m going to have to move classrooms for next year. That’s a big job, especially since (what I hope will be) my new room is down a small flight of stairs. This means that when I start transporting my things, the only way I can do it on a trolley will be to wheel said trolley outside and around to another classroom’s fire exit door. Otherwise I will have to haul individual boxes one at a time down the stairs and down the hall. I could rope some kids into doing it, but that would depend upon whether or not the person who is currently in (what I hope will be) my new room moving their things out first. That may or may not happen. They may prefer to move at the end of August. I don’t. Sigh …

Then on the home front, my mom has now decided that she would like to sell her house in the next year or so. She wants to start hunting for a condo now. She wants me to go out looking every Sunday with her, when there are open houses. Every Sunday. I don’t think so – but she’s my mom, and she depends on me for stuff like that, so how can I refuse? The best I can do, I think, is offer her every two or three Sundays. I hope she’ll be okay with that.

I haven’t been grocery shopping for two weeks. My bathrooms are – um – less than clean. I practically begged DD to vacuum on the weekend – and she hates vacuuming more than I do! Laundry gets done sporadically – but there would definitely be no ironing if we had any clothes that needed ironing. I need to renew my car insurance in six days. I need to at least start thinking about our trip to Greece and Istanbul (we leave on July 1st): getting Euros and Turkish lira, finding my plug adapter, buying a converter for the different electrical current, deciding what clothes to bring and what I still need to buy.

And I’d like to have a bit of a social life now and again. Granted, I did go away with my women friends last weekend, but I’ve seen PG exactly twice in the past two weeks. He’s going to forget what I look like at this rate!

I know it’ll all happen, that I just need to plan and prioritize and plug away at my list at a steady pace. But DD is hounding me to go for a walk with her at the moment because my exercise routine has been shot to hell recently, too. She’s also taken to hounding me to go to bed at a decent hour because she doesn’t want to hear how tired I am all the time. She’s a bit worried about me, I think. She’s out of school and only working three days a week right now. Of course she’s got TIME to worry about me! images-3


I’m too busy!

Maybe I should just drink more.


10 responses to “Too much!

  1. Fhina – DD is starting to pick up the slack all by herself now: she did the grocery shopping and cleaned the bathrooms yesterday. I guess all that training I’ve tried to do over the years is now clicking in! Thanks for the good suggestions – I like them all!

  2. Greece is pretty hot at the moment, Pinkster, so make sure to pack plenty of cover by way of hats and sleeves, and creams, (very expensive to buy out there… An adaptor can be bought at the airport usually, so there’s a time saving, possibly…

    As for mum – Once they’re retired they forget what it ever was like to be at work, so try to manage her expectations, and see if DD can also share some of the flat-hunting – She might enjoy a nosey around some new places, and they might like to spend some ‘girly’ time together?

    Look after yourself, Pinks, it’s very easy for our batteries to get run down from time to time, and they sure take some re-charging again… Hope your hols help… x

  3. Jazz – That’s exactly what I did today: sat down and made a list. I actually even scheduled everything on my calendar! Whether or not I end up following the calendar is a moot point, but I do feel better for having a plan now.

    Gossamer Woman – Yes, I do have to make myself the priority. Didn’t I tell YOU that recently??

    Hannah – I am SO looking forward to Greece! It’s kind of DD’s graduation gift, since she was the one who really pushed to go there, and now I’m more excited than she is! Where exactly did you go?

    VioletSky – That’s another thing: I love open houses too! Any other time, I would adore doing this with my mom! But please come out to Vancouver anyway!

    XUP – Come on out! The more the merrier. I’m sure my mom would love hearing everyone’s opinions!

  4. I’ll come with Violetsky, too. I love looking at houses & villas and even condos

  5. I LOVE going to open houses – I’ll come and condo shop for your Mom in your place, does that help? Please? I want to visit Vancouver. I’ll bring sunshine.

  6. Oh July 1st! There it is! (I am not awake today. LOL)

  7. Wow! That is insanity! I hope you get through it all o.k.:)
    When are you going to Greece? I’ve been there and loved it!

  8. And here I thought teachers did nothing but hand out a few work sheets for 5 hours a day and get scads of vacation time. That being said, Gossamer Woman seems to have the right idea — she just left out the endorsement of the “more drinking” option.

  9. I feel for you, kid. Too many things to do and not enough hours to do them in and no relief troops. Life can be tough on a single working Mom. In fact, almost impossible at times. You’re really juggling, aren’t you? I wish you all the best and hope you make it through this busy period unscathed. Have DD help out some more, if possible. Mom will have to wait, put her on the back burner until after your trip. It’s a matter of priorities. You can’t be all things to all people and forget yourself. Prioritize yourself first.

  10. OH!! Look, Bill the Cat. Damn I loved Bill the cat!!!

    And now: Breathe. Make a written list, prioritize it and cross things off one by one. I find it helps a lot to see the list diminish, however little. The bathrooms will survive, and if DD needs clothes, she will wash them.