Terms of endearment

Porsche Guy has come up with a doozy of a pet name for me. It’s – um – rather unusual. I’ve certainly never heard of this particular word as a pet name before. PG is quite proud of that.

It came up one day when we were having a more-intense-than-usual discussion. I don’t even remember what it was about. But he wasn’t listening to my intelligent, well-thought-out, SANE point of view. So I kept interrupting him to remind him that he was wrong and I was, obviously, right.

PG eventually fell silent. So did I. Then he said, in an exasperated tone, “Donkey!”

donkey“Donkey? What exactly do you mean by that?” I sputtered.

“You’re like a donkey!” he returned sharply.

“How am I a donkey?” I questioned. I was thinking that he thought I was either slow-witted or an ass. Neither prospect was enticing, I must say.

“Okay, maybe that’s the wrong word,” PG mused. “What I meant was that you’re stubborn. So maybe mule is a better word.”

That’s when I started to laugh. “So instead of mule, you call me a donkey?”

“Yeah, but I said it with lilt in my voice. It’s a pet name!” he said defensively.

“Donkey is NOT a pet name! Nobody gets called donkey affectionately!”

“Sure they do. There’s Donkey in Shrek …”

I laughed more. “That’s his NAME because he IS a donkey! It’s not a pet name!”

PG was laughing as much as me by this point. “But it could be. You like donkeys, they’re cute – why wouldn’t you want to be called Donkey?”

“Because it’s not a real pet name!”

“It is now. Donkey.”

Hee haw.


6 responses to “Terms of endearment

  1. VioletSky – I was called variously Mook (whatever that means) or Mouse when I was little. So I guess I’ve grown from a mouse to a donkey.

  2. Hmm, donkey, ass, mule. I think I prefer donkey. I always hated being called a ‘little monkey’ when I was young.

  3. Fhina – Pet names just kind-of happen, don’t they? Whether I would have chosen it or not, it looks like I am now Donkey. At least most people actually do seem to like donkeys. šŸ™‚

  4. Donkeys are very sweet, and I think pretty clever, but you have to love a pet-name, and so if you feel it isn’t you, it isn’t…

    We started off years ago by joking about some pet names, and then they stuck like glue – People used to turn around in the street when my (then~) little son called me by the daft name my OH calls me!

    He has a pet-name of his own now, actually – Several in fact!

    Great fun, great post!

  5. Jazz – Do donkeys come in pink? We know poodles do!

  6. Is that you in the pic? You’re so cute…

    I quite like Donkey, myself.