Desperately seeking …

images-12I know lots of other people have posted about this before, so I’m not being terribly original here, but I find it quite fascinating to check out the search engine terms that somehow lead to my illustrious blog. Sometimes they make perfect sense, sometimes it’s very much a “WTF?!” moment.

For example, it seems that I am often found with the term “blog female”. Well, yes. I have a blog. I am female. Good call. I can see how that one works.

And the Porsche-related searches also make sense to me. My two favourites in this category right now are: “What kind of guy drives a Porsche?” (Can’t you just imagine the verbal inflection there? Especially if the person who used that search was cut off in traffic or had some unpleasant experience with some random guy driving a Porsche!) and “A guy who drives a Porsche is not cool”. I probably shouldn’t pass that one on to Porsche Guy, should I?

Some of the search terms do actually relate to one of my past posts, but it’s the way they were written that tickles my fancy, like “No snow day for you”. That would be Seinfeld’s Snow Nazi speaking, I suppose. Or “I waved your flag back”. I imagine that would be the person who found my Canuck flag that fell off my car just last week. Well, if you can wave it back, could you please send it back? How about “Racing cement barrier”? And here I thought cement barriers were just something to walk along the top of, when I could have been racing them all this time! Then there’s “Urge to pee only in car”. Well, PG does get the urge when he’s working on his car, but trust me, he doesn’t actually pee in his car!

But I’m truly mystified as to how these particular search terms got to my blog:
– What to look for when flooding toilet (Flooding a toilet can be a painstakingly precise operation, true, so obviously there are certain benchmarks that make a messy process easier.)
– Going crazy (Yeah, going crazy trying to figure out how that would link to my blog!)
– Ugly pink poodle (Let’s get this straight: THERE ARE NO UGLY PINK POODLES!)
– On and on and on and on (Would this be an observation on my writing style perhaps?)
– Meeting pictures (Hello, I’m Pinklea. How do you do? And your picture-title is … ?)
– Botulism (So I’m not the world’s greatest cook, but I do clean up kitchens rather well. What’s your point here?!)
– Honda fit wall (Actually, Honda fit double garage better.)
– Is there a new year’s ghost? (What happened to the old year’s ghost then?!)
– When my brother’s birthday is? (How the hell should I know?! Can you give me more information to go on – like his name?!)

Search engine terms: good for a giggle, if nothing else!


10 responses to “Desperately seeking …

  1. Linda – Oh yeah, personal and identifiable photos are a no-no for me too. Yet, so many people do post them. I guess some of us worry less than others do.

  2. I’m facinated by some of the search words and phrases used to. Some of them make absolutely no sense. Then they are the perverts looking for photos of kids so I never posts personal photos anymore.

  3. VioletSky – Okay, I checked. Pretty benign after all. Whew!

    XUP – That is odd. Especially YOU being linked to a lambourghini and you don’t even own a car! At least you do own hands.

  4. I’m always stumped by the search trends. Like for the last 2 weeks I’ve had a zillion searchs for “lambourghini” because once, quite a while ago, I posted a picture of one. So suddenly I have all these hits on that post. Why now? Why that? A few months ago it was “hands”

  5. er, not really … skip back to my post of 25/06/08. I just wonder what they are looking for, as actually “the dew” is not always part of the search.

  6. Hannah – If you like, I can put it right beside your blog title on my blogroll!

    Gossamer Woman – In this case, curiousity would be most entertaining, I think!

    Nora – I’ve never heard of that other Nora Johnson either, so maybe it’s a plain and simple identity theft?

    VioletSky – “Skipping naked in the dew”?!? That’s a huge “WTF” in my books. And … um … should I worry now that I’m going to be connected to that?

  7. Yours are much funnier than the ones I get, the most common of which is “skipping naked in the dew”. Try it, you’ll get me top of the pile. There, now they’ll come to you.

  8. I think search engines are rather weird. Apparently I frequently get confused with an American writer of the same name whose father is a filmmaker, neither of whom I know anything about.

    Strange to think there’s my ‘double’ out there in the blogosphere, a sort of viral alter ego…

  9. I’ve never tried that, but you’ve made me real curious. Actually, I’m a little bit afraid to look.

  10. LOL, those are some funny searches. I’m hurt that “going crazy” doesn’t lead to my blog. 😉