Game, set, and match

This past weekend, Porsche Guy and I, along with a few other people, were invited to this couple’s house for dinner. Now, I don’t know this couple very well, having only met them two or three times. PG has known him for a number of years, but she is a fairly new addition. They’ve been together for only about a year now, having both been through starter marriages and kids (in his case, not hers).

Anyway, I do like what I know of them. She, in particular, is a hoot, and has a quick wit that I love. He’s more the strong silent type, but he’s obviously crazy in love with her, and she is the same with him. So it’s all wonderful, if a little soppy at times, and I was looking forward to spending an evening with them.

So we got there and were soon throwing back lemon drop martinis and snarfing down appetizers (okay, it was only me. Hey, I’d had very little to eat or drink all day and it was the weekend.). Both of them were constantly running back to the kitchen to check on dinner, but we were all pretty laid back and the conversation was flowing smoothly.

Till the female half of our host couple mentioned something about playing rummoli later, and PG sheepishly admitted that he had forgotten to bring his poker chips. She laughed it off, saying that we’d just have to play with only one box of chips then, no worries.

images-1No worries??? We’re playing rummoli? What the hell is rummoli? PG was supposed to bring his poker chips? Is it a card game – with chips yet? Am I going to be expected to participate in this???

I stole a quick look around the room. No one else seemed to be slightly stressed. The converation was carrying on. I glanced at PG. He didn’t look at me.

I sidled up to him a few minutes later.

“We are playing rummoli after dinner?” I said as sweetly as I could.


“Did you know about this?”


“And you were supposed to bring your poker chips?”


“And you neglected to tell me that we were doing this tonight?”

“No. I purposely didn’t tell you we were doing this tonight. And I didn’t tell you because I know you hate games.”

Right. I hate games. But now what was I supposed to do? The invitation had been issued, it had been accepted under false pretenses (on my part at least), and now I was trapped. I was going to have to learn how to play this rummoli.images

So I did. And I was the big winner. I went home 30$ richer. I did not share it with PG.


8 responses to “Game, set, and match

  1. Yes. Sorry, that’s what I meant. I won the first round I ever played, then I left. No money involved though.

  2. VioletSky – But did you win? That makes such a situation marginally easier to take.

    Nora – No offense taken. In fact, I’m a little miffed at myself that I didn’t even consider anything pornographic!

  3. P.S. No offence intended with the so shameful thoughts! You’re spot on though about the mind working in dark & mysterious ways – a necessity when you’re trying to tie up all the loose ends of a thriller against the clock!


  4. That happened to me once with euchre.

    Still hate games.

  5. Nora – Your mind works in dark and mysterious ways! And Vancouver would love to see you again, you know!

    Jazz – No, I still don’t like ’em! About the only game I don’t mind is Trivial Pursuit, and that’s only because my mind is filled with ridiculously trivial bits of information that need to get out every now and then.

    Hannah – Rummoli is only a tiny bit like poker. You can win the poker pot on the board based upon the cards you’re dealt, but otherwise you just go round the table putting cards down in suit and sequence till somebody has no more cards. If you have certain cards, you win chips, as well as winning chips if you’re the first person with no more cards. It’s actually pretty easy, except for the poker part.

  6. Woo! That is great! I’m not a big poker player either. Its a bit like poker right?

  7. What the hell is rummoli? And have you become a game person now?

  8. Well done you! 30$ up!

    btw If a partner from a starter marriage had suddenly mentioned playing games to me, I’m sure pornographic thoughts would have sprung to mind! I admire your poise – and winning streak!

    Regards as always to Vancouver