Drive much?

Dear idiot in the white Jag:

It certainly was a nice sunny day today – and we sure haven’t had our usual quota of those this Spring so far, have we? I had my sunroof open as I was driving home from work, tunes blasting, enjoying the nice weather. I couldn’t really tell if you had a sunroof or not, but if you did, it was a great afternoon to have it open.

I don’t think I was driving too fast along that road. I mean, I know I was over the speed limit a bit, but not excessively so. You do know about speed limits, right? Yeah, I thought maybe you’d heard of them.

Now, what I was actually wondering about was whether or not you know what those thick white lines painted on the road at corners mean. Oh yeah, and those red octagonal signs at corners. The ones that say “stop”. You’re aware of those too, aren’t you? So, have you ever put those two items together and figured it out that drivers are supposed to stop their vehicles just behind those white lines? You knew you were driving at the time, didn’t you?

So, when you came flying along that side street and started to make that high-speed turn onto the road on which I was travelling, I guess you just forgot what to do. I mean, you did see me at the last minute and then you did slam on your brakes when you were already halfway around the corner. You did have some recollection of how to behave at a corner with a stop sign, you just couldn’t quite recall exactly where you were meant to stop.

I thought that I reacted quite calmly, under the circumstances. I mean, you wouldn’t know this, but I was involved in a car crash just nine months ago, and since then, I just don’t drive the same as I used to. I am more cautious. I am slower. I feel like a wuss sometimes, but I just don’t quite have the confidence I used to have. Oh, it’s coming back, but it’s taking some time.

Anyway, all I did was slow down, swerve around you and wave my arms as if to say, “WTF?” I didn’t honk or anything, I just kept going. But your reaction. Now, your reaction was extreme, to say the least. You obviously felt that it was completely my fault that you totally misjudged the corner and almost didn’t stop at all and nearly hit me. You blasted your horn at me for some reason, then you sped up beside me so you could wave your arms angrily back at me as you blasted your horn again. Quite the hero, aren’t you?

I looked at you incredulously, honked back, and kept driving. We ended up at a stop light, side by side. I didn’t look at you, but I’m sure you were yelling nasty things at me or maybe waving your arms again. Then when the light changed, mature adult that you are, you hit the accelerator and shot off like a rocket. Though my heart was pounding, I just continued on my way home. You have some serious anger issues, you know that?

You shouldn’t be on the road, asshole. You’re going to wreck that fancy car of yours one of these days, driving like that, and I really hope you don’t hurt anybody else in the process. You need some anger management classes, or maybe you just need to get laid. I don’t know.

I hope I never see you again.



8 responses to “Drive much?

  1. Hey thank you for visiting the blog & leaving such a lovely comment! Liking your work v much too! LLGxx

  2. Damn! I met him!!!!

    I was crossing the street (on foot) on a green light and he came barreling along on his cell phone and finally stopped about 3 inches from me. He was driving his Audi that day.

    Oh, and he had the gall to yell at me for being in his way.

    I have a green light to cross the damn street you asshole!

  3. Hannah – I would certainly like to know how on earth he could have assumed that it was all my fault anyway. Because I was THERE???

    XUP – That would be poetic justice, wouldn’t it – or at least CAR-ma (Sorry. Couldn’t resist!).

  4. There are far too many cars on the road and too many of them are in the hands of completely irresponsible people. I hope someone caught the whole thing on CCTV and he gets a ticket at the very least.

  5. Douchebag, horrible drivers like this guy are usually the first ones to make sexist comments about “women drivers”. Grr! I hope he gets that car rammed up his bum!

  6. Gossamer woman – Yes, it did help to write about it. I’m learning that writing helps in a lot of life situations. And thank you for stopping by my blog!

  7. Hi Pinklea, I hate those little hotheads too. They need to show their manliness behind the steering wheel of the extension of their manhood. Not even when they encounter a woman driver do they have the courtesy to dim their macho tendencies and just take a slow drive home where they belong. I’m sorry you encountered one of these ugly specimens, it probably wasn’t a heck of a lot of fun. At least you got to vent a little here. I hope it helped.