Backed up

images-14A week’s vacation, then two days of work, and now I’m home today. I’m just not cut out for this work stuff!

Actually, it’s my back. I did something to it on Sunday when I washed my car. I was crouched down cleaning one of the wheels and when I tried to stand up, there was great pain in my lower back and I couldn’t move. It took a couple of minutes before I could stand up straight, but then I had to finish the other wheels on the car. Slowly, gingerly I did. I got through the rest of the day okay, with only a twinge every now and then. I even went for my usual walk, though I had to go a bit slower than usual. So I figured it would be okay.

Except it seized up again Monday morning. It took me forever to get out of bed! But it calmed down to a manageable roar, as they say, and as long as I moved carefully and minimized any bending over, I was okay.

But Tuesday morning it was worse. It took me even longer to get out of bed. Still, I was able to get to work, but then I thought, WTF? Why do I have paid sick days? So what if this is only the first week back after Spring Break? My back hurts, dammit!

So I booked a substitute teacher for the next day (Wednesday), and got through Tuesday as best I could. I planned to rest my back as much as I could on my day off – and maybe do my grocery shopping and some laundry, if I could move well enough.

And now it’s Wednesday and I’m at home and I’m getting concerned. I’ve had lower back issues before, but nothing that lasted quite this long without the pain abating. Of course, all kinds of stupid scenarios are running through my head: I’ve got a slipped disc, I’ve got a tumour, I’ve got cancer, I’ve got MS, I’ve got arthritis, I’m old and decrepit, I’m basically dying.

What I’ve really got is an imagination. If I would actually – here’s a novel idea! – go to my doctor or maybe try a chiropractor, I’d probably feel a lot better simply because I was DOING something about it. I’ve also not even taken any pain medication to date, which you would think would be the first step when something hurts this bad.

But I would like to know what’s really going on with my back. If I knew that I had some particular problem with it, then perhaps the pain might be preventable or even just manageable in the future. Or at least I’d know what I was dying of.

All I know right now is that apparently I must never wash my car again.


13 responses to “Backed up

  1. Thanks, Fhina, for your advice – experience is such a good teacher! My back is feeling much better now, but still not 100%. I’ve had 2 sessions with a chiropractor, and I’ve another appt. booked this week. She says I’m coming along nicely, but yes, I’m to continue to be very careful and to practice my stretches (4 pages of them!).

  2. Painkillers are important, but in time pinklea keep an eye on your back and get further medical support as necessary… I have all this time for blogging for I am recovering from an op on a slipped disc, which to be fair, I have been suffering from on and off – Sometimes years apart – since I was in my early twenties…

    Only with the advent of MRI can these issues be properly seen. So, be careful, don’t do rash things, exercise, eat well, don’t get overweight (like me~!), and seek medical (not alternative) help as soon as you need to… I believe in many alternative methods, but sometimes one needs medical intervention, and I left it a little late, not trusting anyone…

    Bless you, take care, rest and move gently… No dipping, bending or car washing – By order of your English Auntie Fhina, mind!! x

  3. Raino – Yes, we princess wannabes are quite decorative – and delicate, it seems. Scrubbing the toilet? Oh no, not for us!

    XUP – Maybe you need to get a Roomba. A friend of mine has one and says it’s great, though it can’t do corners very well or stairs. I can’t look at the thing without laughing, though.

  4. Ugh – vacuuming. The bane of my existence. I hate it. Can’t someone PLEASE invent something that will stop me from having to vacuum. They invented a dishwasher for pete’s sake and I don’t even mind doing dishes. Do something about the vacuuming thing. Anyone???

  5. gotta say that i’m with xup this time. you are a decorative creature you are. get well soon! i should talk, i have a sore lower back too but all it takes is scrubbing the toilet!

  6. Yes, I thought we’d established that car washing and anything that could lead to strained or sprained things was man’s work? Women are delicate and deorative creatures and need plenty of lounging and bonbons like Jazz says

    • I guess this means that vacuuming is now men’s work too, right, XUP? (Not that I have a problem with eliminating vacuuming from my life!)

  7. Hannah – Actually, even Advil helped and I didn’t get the drowsiness (when it eventually occurred to me that maybe some medication was warrented here).

    Jazz – That’s usually exactly what happens, but this time, I got it into my head to wash it myself. Never again!

  8. That’ll teach you to wash your car. You should be sitting on a chaise eating bonbons while some lesser mortal (Porsche Guy perhaps?) does it for you.

  9. You probably pulled a muscle in your lower back. Try taking some Robax pills, just be careful, because they can cause drowsiness.

    If the pain continues, go see a doctor!

  10. I am happy that you got some relief!

  11. Okay, as a massage therapist, you know what I’m going to suggest. Don’t you?

    Get your poor back some help.
    Then watch Porsche Guy wash your car.

    • VioletSky – You’ll be happy to know that I have just come back from the chiropractor’s. She stretched me, deep massaged me, and cracked me only a little, and do I ever feel better now! She asked me to come in again in a couple of days, because what she did today was basically to give me some pain relief, but I still need to be readjusted a bit. Lesson learned: do not wait when in pain, see someone who can help as soon as you can.