Okay, it’s officially Spring. The rain has stopped. It’s 10º outside and sunny. I washed my car.

But more importantly, the grass in my tiny back yard got cut!

fscn0759And another anxiously-anticipated harbinger of Spring, my daffodils are blooming! (It was touch-and-go there for a few rainy days, you may recall, what with the leaky gutter next door pouring its contents onto my flowerbox instead of down the drainpipe.)

Spring is my favourite season, and it’s really here now! I’m hopeful that the weather will only get better now. I’m feeling all relaxed and cheerful. And … I have to go back to work tomorrow.



8 responses to “Sprung

  1. Naw, next time you’ve had rain for 2 weeks straight, I’ll post some pictures of people out here frolicking in the sunshine. (in their parkas)

  2. I’m sorry, XUP, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Have you a particular penance in mind for me? Something especially cold and miserable?

  3. I’m not reading your blog anymore. It’s too cruel and hurtful. Some of us have totally forgotten what grass and flowers look like and are still wearing our winter parkas because it’s below zero out and there’s still SNOW EVERYWHERE.

  4. Jazz – But today it’s very soggy green grass. Back to the pouring rain.

    Hannah – I’ll put in my order for you with the weather god, okay?

    VioletSky – Who, me? Gloating? *slinks away with a smirk on face*

    Fhina – Actually, more like abandoned to the elements. I’m really not much of a gardener, but neglect seems to work well sometimes.

  5. Very pretty, and very well cultivated – so beautifully green!

  6. okay, it’s very green and lovely.
    stop gloating :/

  7. I’m with Jazz-Its too frickin’ cold here! And the grass isn’t so much green, as a grey/peagreen mash interspersed with garbage.

    Spring come to Ontario too please! 🙂

  8. Your grass.

    IT’S GREEN!!!

    I haven’t seen green grass in so long. And it was 10 below this morning….

    And it’s Monday.